Olivia & Baby Otis Are So Adorable

If you didn't already think Olivia Wilde was cool, there's no doubt you will after you see this photo. On Wednesday, Olivia Wilde posted a photo of her baby, Otis, on Facebook. Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Yay, another pic of a celebrity with their baby. Aren't they all the same?" Yes, and you know why they're all the same? Because they're super cute and people can't get enough of the adorableness. Plus, you know you like seeing celebs as "real people," aka as parents. As for Wilde, the photo she shared is so much fun, so it's totally worth checking out.

First, not only can you tell how much Wilde loves her son, but look how much fun they are having. Both of them are smiling, happy, and having the best time playing. Plus, Wilde describes her fun with Otis as, "My kind of party."

If you didn't already think Wilde was cool or would be super fun to hang with, well, I think this photo proves it. Not only does she seem like an awesome mom, but if this is her "kind of party," I'd be down with being all chill with Wilde.

Plus, as she told Shape magazine for its April 2015 issue, "I loved being pregnant. I felt unapologetically curvy, sexy, and intensely feminine. My experience was great, largely because I stayed very strong throughout. Pilates became a healthy habit, which helped me avoid common pregnancy woes like sciatica."

See? I told you she's a badass.