'Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller's Most Outrageous Comments, Because There's A New One In Every Episode

There's one thing Dance Moms fans know to be invariably true: Abby Lee Miller hates nothing more than losing to the Candy Apples Dance Center (also known as the "Rotten Apples"). The stakes were high in Tuesday's episode of Dance Moms as the ALDC traveled to Ohio sans Maddie (who was busy filming Saturday Night Live with Sia, no big deal). When the group's Spice Girls-inspired jazz funk routine came in second to Cathy Nesbitt-Stein's team, we knew there would be fireworks. CUE THE DRAMA. CUE THE TAUNTING. I love watching Abby and Cathy hurl insults at one another. This scene should have been great!

But it wasn't. Abby reacted the way any mature adult would: by insulting the physical appearance of one of Cathy's dancers. Even her most loyal moms, Melissa and Jill, refused to defend her, and Cathy rightfully took to Twitter to criticize Miller for slamming a child's physical appearance. (Did I really just say Cathy was right? I'm going to have nightmares about this.)

Constructive criticism has never been Abby Lee Miller's strong suit, so you'd better believe this isn't the first time she's said something shocking. Let's take a trip down memory lane to reflect on some of her most outrageous comments.

Abby Vs. Minister Dawn

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It's hard to decide whose behavior is more outrageous in this classic scene from the series premiere. When a confrontation starts with a parent asking Abby to "play the Bible game," you know it's going to be good. Minister Dawn is MVP of outrageous behavior for most of this scene, until Abby borrows a student's cell phone to call the police. "She has no weapons, just her mouth," Abby explains to the understandably confused dispatcher.

Fun fact: This is the first (but certainly not the last) time we hear Abby use the phrase, "Every week we put the trash out."

Keep Calm and Name Call

When all else fails, use a playground insult. "You're an idiot," Abby informs Kelly as she somewhat ironically stands in front of a well-placed "Keep Calm And Dance" sign.

Cathy Visits the ALDC Dressing Room

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Abby delivers her "take the trash out" line, complete with a prop. Cathy calls her out for re-using the same insult (fair point), and Jill expresses her disappointment when Abby doesn't deliver on her threat to throw trash on Cathy. I'm with you, Jill.

Hot, Mean, and Amazing

What's more confusing: Abby's description of herself or her strange attempt at executing a dance move? I'd say it's a draw. (Side note: You can't afford her. Sorry.)

We're All Gonna Have FUN

Having fun has never looked or sounded so frightening.

Nobody At School Hates You?

The art of giving a compliment to anyone other than Maddie is lost on Abby.

However, Abby's not the only person cast member who can deliver a major burn (because that would get boring).

Cathy, we love to hate you.

Oh Kelly, how we miss you.

You too, Christi.

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