If Hillary Runs, Where Will Her Campaign Be Based?

The nation is waiting with bated breath for Hillary Clinton to announce her impending presidential campaign. We're all so eager that rumors are now swirling not only about the possible run for president but also about Clinton's campaign headquarters location. It was a question asked shortly after a parenting panel had concluded and further stoked speculation. In an early childhood education center located in the Brownsville subsection of Brooklyn, NY1 reporter Josh Rubin asked if she'd be returning to the area, perhaps picking Brooklyn as her potential campaign headquarters. Clinton's answer, while evasive, sounds more affirmative than anything. Says Clinton:

All in good time. All in good time. I was happy to be here at this exemplary center, and supporting the good work that the mayor and first lady are doing on behalf of our kids.

It's worth noting The Washington Post wrote in an article Wednesday afternoon that Clinton's headquarters will, in fact, be based in Brooklyn, so maybe it knows something that so far everyone else is only speculating.

Clinton attended and spoke at the panel Wednesday along with New York City mayor Bill De Blasio's wife, Chirlane McCray, as part of a joint partnership between the city's "Talk To Your Baby, Their Brain Depends On It" campaign and the Clinton Foundation's "Too Small to Fail." Early childhood development is a cause that Clinton is particularly passionate about, which she touched upon by relating an anecdote of singing "Moon River" to an infant Chelsea Clinton, who'd grown so accustomed to her mother's croon that she demanded it shortly after speaking her first words.

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Rumors of Clinton's planned Brooklyn campaign headquarters date back to February of this year, shortly after the borough had been passed up for Philadelphia as the host city of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. So far, residents all sound very supportive. Clinton has also made some key hires that seem to point to a formal campaign at the least, including elevating Ready for Hillary co-founder and executive director Adam Parkhomenko to grassroots engagement director. Another Ready for Hillary hire includes Neisha Blandin, whose grassroots fundraising expertise will surely come in handy when and if Clinton announces her presidential campaign.

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While not necessarily a delay in announcing, Clinton staying mum about her presidential plans is actually quite a beneficial tactic. According to experts at MSNBC, the campaign announcement would coincide with the start of the second fiscal quarter, which is basically the ideal time, based on mandatory fundraising reports that must be sent to the Federal Election Commission. Given the fact that Clinton stayed quiet at the beginning of January, just as the first quarter was starting, it comes as no surprise that a campaign announcement feels imminent. If no announcements are made in the next coming days, it's possible Clinton will wait until the start of the third quarter in July to make a formal announcement.

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