15 Ways to Up Your Selfie Game Like Kylie Jenner

by Stephanie Chon

OK, I’m not going to lie: whenever I want to post a selfie on Instagram, I think twice before I do. I mean, think about it: your selfies are always going up against some beautiful landscape panoramas, creative latte art, adorable furry friends, chic #OOTDs, and of course, drool-worthy #foodporn. But the next time I hesitate, I'll instead ask myself: how would Kylie Jenner pose and what would she do?

I think it’s time we all learn how to up our selfie game from the selfie queen herself, Kylie Jenner. We might not be able to pull off that heavy kontouring and work those luscious lips on a daily basis, but we can definitely learn how she bats her lashes and pouts her lips (without looking like a basic duck face). We might not have her curvy bodacious bod, but we can definitely try to "werk" it in our belfie pics like she does.

Here are 15 poses, pouts, smizes, and candids that Jenner has perfected to a science. Disclaimer: don't be too overwhelmed because she's seriously too pro to handle, but with practice, you might be able to get to her level.

1. Over the shoulder

2. Looking away from the camera

3. Kissy face (never duck face)

4. The suck and tuck. Suck in the stomach and tuck your shoulders back

5. The cutesy pout

6. Bathroom lighting is always sultry

7. The "I'm just casually fixing my shirt, but actually showing off my hot bod at the same time"

8. The candid driving look

9. Tongue in cheek + washed out lighting = perfection

10. Hair blowing in the wind

11. The "here's my #MOTN (Makeup of the night)" look

12. The "messy" hair look is a classic

13. The "I woke up like this"

14. Candid belfies are the best belfies

15. And lastly, lighting in the car is always on point. So just add a smize and you're good to go

Images: kyliejenner/Instagram (15)