Gina Rodriguez Knows How To Get Good Skin

She's by far one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood right now. With a Golden Globe under her belt and a successful television series, the star seems to only be getting more and more notoriety. But outside of her fabulous work on the screen, Gina Rodriguez understands skin care. The Jane the Virgin star spoke with Allure at a Proctor & Gamble Nueva Latinas Living Fabulosa Event in New York about how her beauty regimen has changed since her rise to fame.

Rodriguez is well known for her break out role in The CW's Jane the Virgin, but aside from starring in the comedy, the star can often times be seen campaigning for the need for diverse roles in Hollywood. Particularly well known are her acceptance and press speeches at the Golden Globe awards. One of my favorite things about the actress is her desire to be socially responsible alongside her willingness to discuss beauty. Because let's be honest, it's nuts to think you can't care about a multitude of issues, and pores, those are definitely an issue.

In the brief interview, Rodriguez is asked whether or not her beauty routine has changed as a result of her newfound fame. The talented actress responds:

"Yes. I'm wearing makeup so much more now. And I'm not a woman who wore so much. I had to make sure that I was taking care of my skin, since there are so many products covering up my pores. I use different things; it depends on the time of month and stuff like that. It changes. I love Dermalogica. I love Cetaphil, so many brands. And I'm lucky that I have an amazing makeup artist. She's incredible. Chris, I love you! And people are letting me wear clothes I wasn't getting to wear before, so I kind of love that. I love to play dress-up."

I love that Rodriguez gives a shoutout to both Dermalogica and Cetaphil. While Demalogica is a slightly more expensive brand, the star also lets you know that your everyday, drug store Cetaphil is still a favorite of hers. Rodriguez's brand mixing and love of dress-up coupled with her desire to bring more diversity into the world of entertainment make her one of the brightest and most compelling stars in the industry. Oh, and there's the tiny fact that she's majorly talented, too!

Images: Gina Rodriguez; Instagram (2)