Christie Brinkley's 3 Fountain Of Youth Tips

Christie Brinkley must have some skincare secrets up her sleeve after keeping her supermodel, picture-perfect looks all of the years (and she's now 61!) Well her secrets may not be so well kept anymore. Brinkley has a new skincare line that was developed from her three Fountain of Youth tips for timeless beauty. Her line, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, features several anti-aging creams and cleansers.

Brinkley has been working on the products for four years, and her inspiration actually came from nothing other than a man's shaving routine, according to an interview with Extra. “I read articles about why men always look five years younger than women,” Brinkley said to Extra.“It’s because shaving gives them a daily exfoliation.” And why has it taken us this long to realize a man's simple beauty routine is a woman's explanation for skincare?! #Mindblown

So what's Brinkley's first tip to lock in that Fountain of Youth? Exfoliate, of course! She mentions that the Christie Brinkely exfoliator polish is the first on the market that can be used every day. Normally beauty experts recommend to a use an exfoliator once a week, so it would be interesting to try one every day to see what the results would be.

Brinkley's other two tips include to always wear an SPF (which her day creams include) and to try going vegetarian. Brinkley said in the interview that her flawless skin may have been thanks to her being a lifelong vegetarian.

So if you feel like exfoliating every day and becoming a vegetarian, then you may find yourself looking like Christie Brinkley in no time!

Brinkley's products will be available at Kohl's.

Images: Getty Images (1); Brinkley Beauty/Instagram