12 Fries Before Guys Tees For Girls Who Have Their Culinary Priorities In Order

Sometimes a lady needs to sort out her priorities, especially when it comes down to the timeless face-off between fries and guys.

Oh yes, that’s a real thing — why else would so many shirts exist supporting everyone’s favorite fast food item over the alternative option? “Fries Before Guys” is the name of the game, and its pro-fries players are rocking some seriously stylish uniforms.

Ahead, 12 tops for the fry-obsessed fashionista who proudly waves her “fries over guys” flag

Fries Over Guys Muscle Tee

There’s no need to read between the lines in this girl power tank. Kid Dangerous spells it out for you loud and clear — in french fries.

Kid Dangerous, $32,

Fries Crop Top

A french fry crop top is the perfect choice for the lady who prefers fries to guys, but you know, in a subtler way.

See You Monday, $36,

Snack Attack Tee

Fries, burgers, and dinosaurs. Three things that are probably way more rad than any boy.

Wowch, $24,

Fries Before Guys T-Shirt

Fries before guys, or as Leslie Knope would say, “Ovaries before brovaries.” It’s pretty much Rule No. 1 in the Girl Power guide.

Pretty Hell Co., $32,

Fries Before Guys Pullover

The “Fries Before Guys Pullover” says you still prioritize fried foods over boys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cuddle up to the best of them (the best sweatshirts, that is).

Forever 21, $17.90,

Cute Guys French Fries Tee

It’s really a classic misunderstanding.

Forever 21, $14.90,

Boyfriend T-Shirt With Fry Day Print

For when you really got to get down on Fry Day, turn to Adolescent Clothing’s on-point printed T-shirt.

Adolescent Clothing, $33,

Boyfriend T-Shirt with Extra Fries Print

It’s a tough choice, but any real fry aficionado will pick the sliced potatoes every time.

ASOS, $25,

French Fries Print Crop T-Shirt

The badge of the fry lover can now proudly reside both inside and outside your heart.

Romwe, $9.83,

French Fry Skull

Danger awaits the pour soul who comes between a girl and her fries. HUMAN, $24,


The most logical conclusion you’ll jump to all day has finally been placed on a T-shirt.

Shop Jeen, $28,

French Fry Love

All anyone really needs are french fries, after all.

HUMAN, $25,