5 Very Good Reasons To Date A Morning Person, Because Breakfast And Sex

Waking up is hard to do. Who wants to get out of a warm, toasty bed to face the oft-cruel world? Sure, a lot of amazing stuff, like, you know, life itself, awaits us each day. But that doesn't mean shaking off sleep is any easier. That's why being a morning person is such a blessing. I'm sure, if given the choice, most people would love to be morning people, but alas, it's not exactly a choice (although, there might be ways to change from being a night owl to a morning person). Luckily for those people not blessed enough to be morning people themselves, dating a morning person is such a nice consolation prize, for a variety of reasons. There's the fact that morning sex is a great way to start the day, and is far more likely to happen when you're dating a morning person. And then there's the prospect of pulling the covers over your head and getting in a few more Zs while your significant other is rising and shining (and maybe making breakfast or walking the dog so you don't have to).

I'm a morning person, somewhat contradictorily, as I tend to also be a night owl who goes to bed very a late and generally prefers darkness. I'm happiest when the sun goes down, and I also love sleep, and crave it like a junkie, since I never, ever get enough. But my love of staying up late doesn't stop me from getting up and getting stuff done bright and early each morning. I run my own business, so I like to get a head start on the day and be up by 6:30AM at the latest, so I can beat the email traffic. I accomplish more before 9AM than most people do in an entire day. I've totally bought in to that whole early bird gets the worm thing, too — it's not just a myth. It's a fact. I get all kinds of worms.

But enough about me — this is about you. If you are not a morning person, here are five reasons why dating someone who is, like me, is a supremely rad choice that you will never regret:

1. Morning sex (of course)

If you've got morning wood (or lady-wood), dating a morning person can be the best thing ever. It makes for some of the best sex, since it's semi-primal and you're not worried about not showering or brushing your teeth. You just... do it. That kind of messy sexy is okay every once in a while.

2. They can help you wake up earlier when you need to

Everyone wants those precious 20 extra minutes of snooze time. If you date someone who gets up extra early, they can be your secondary alarm clock and help wake you up. Plus, isn't a kiss or a tickle on the bottom of your feet nicer than that loud, nasty, jarring buzz of your clock? When I was in a long-distance relationship with someone who lived on the opposite coast as me, when we were together, we were operating according to different internal clocks, but we would always sync up during morning make out sessions.

3. They will do annoying morning chores before you even wake up

If you have a pooch who needs to be walked, your morning person significant other will do the dirty work and that's take the dog out and pick up his or her poop. Just make sure it's you who takes the night shift. It's only fair.

4. You might get some delicious breakfast out of it

Morning people tend to get a head start and be way ahead of the game, which usually involves food because duh. What's the point of waking up early if it's not to start packing calories to fuel your super productive day? Which means, if you're their sleepy paramour lounging in bed, you might get some breakfast made for you too. Just don't forget: You're on dish duty. Again, gotta balance out these perks.

5. They can be seriously inspiring

Not every morning person is looking to convert non-morning people. It's not a cult. We morning people are not judging the rest of you (for the most part). But perhaps proximity to the morning person mentality will end up being a source of inspiration for you to get up and do your thing sooner, earlier, and better. You'll sleep when you die, etc.

But still, mostly, morning sex. Morning glory, indeed.

Images: Trent Bigelow/Flickr; Giphy (5)