Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Engagement Is Taking Over: 9 Distractions You'll Appreciate

Oh, so Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got engaged. I guess we’re supposed to care about that. Do we care? Why does anyone care? No but really, why is this supposedly the most important thing on my newsfeed today? These are the sort of questions I wish I never had to ask. Sigh. Alas, the news is everywhere and it shows no signs of slowing down. Just imagine of all the wedding specials to come on E! If you think Kanye’s Twitter rants are epic now, just wait until the predictably insane and opulent wedding rolls in. (I don’t even think David Tutera is up for that challenge). In fewer words, it’s going to be a nightmare for us all.

Look, I understand you might be bored at your desk and need a distraction before your next meeting. We all deserve a little brain candy and escapism in our day. But ugh, there’s a lot more out there that won’t lessen your faith in humanity. Like a pup getting a cupcake at a very British tea party celebrating Westminster's Dog of the Year (yes, that's a thing).

To soften the blow of the Kim-And-Kanye-Nuptial-Media-A-Thon, here are some things to explore and do that are a way, way better use of your time and will hopefully brighten your day:

Watch Alec Baldwin’s Cheesy '80s Cop Show From Last Night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Fallon’s videos, musical mash-ups, and special segments are always such a delight. Sit back, relax, and get ready to giggle and the pastel glory of Point Pleasant Police Department. Thanks for the reminder that simplicity is entertaining. (Spitting crackers while trying to talk is funny, guys!). It’s so funny, it should just be a movie already.

Get Excited for Australia’s Marriage News

Did you hear the awesome news? The Australian Capital Territory has legalized same sex marriage. In 2004, ACT’s Parliament had declared marriage had to be between a man and a woman. The tides have very much now turned as the Marriage Equality Act has been passed. ACT’s Chief Minister Katy Gallagher stated, “There is no longer any excuse, if there ever was, to discriminate against same-sex couples in our community." Though there will still be some local legal obstacles to face same-sex couples, this national change is a big step forward. Now THIS is wedding news that’s really worth reading about.

Image: Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images

Listen to the New Avett Brothers Album

theavettbrothersVEVO on YouTube

I dare you to listen to this album and not feel like running directly into a big pile of raked leaves. Go on. Do it. Your warm apple cider is waiting inside.

Go Outside!

You guys, YOU GUYS. IT’S FALL! It’s the snuggliest time of the year. Things taste like pumpkin. Root veggies are all over the place. The air is crisp. That foliage is majestic, y’all. Take five, step outside and take it all in…. because Winter is coming and it just makes you feel like this:

Images: Tumblr

Sharpen Your Quizzo Skills

Heading out with co workers or friends for some quizzo this week? Why not keep up with pop culture, geography, history, and science factoids over at Sporcle. You’ve been warned, it’ll suck you in. But hey, at least you’re learning.

Indulge in Better Guilty Pleasures

Did you know the Backstreet Boys are just days away from celebrating their 20th anniversary by embarking on a cruise with their fans? Ugh, I know, I can’t believe I’m not going either. Follow the band and all of its members on Instagram for the delightfully unapologetically poppy fun. And hey, Kevin is back! (Though he’s not on Instagram, I think it’s because he might still use a Razr phone and is just getting used to T9. Just kidding, Kev. YOU LOOK GREAT).

Image: Backstreet Boys on Instagram

Or, get pumped for tonight’s Halloween special episode of Pretty Little Liars. The costume extravaganza has become a can’t-miss night for fans. It’s been leaked that the girls are headed to a WWII-themed soiree. Quick! Go plan a WWII-themed cocktail list and snacks for a viewing party tonight!

Image: Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family

Play Google’s Parachute Game

Oh Google and your big brother omnipresent, ways! You just make the most delightful banners and doodles that celebrate fun facts in history. On October 22, 1797, Andre-Jacques Garnerin completed the world’s first parachute descent. Head over to Google and play the game, it’s a such a lovely little joy.

Check Out This Adorable Seal Just Trying to Snuggle on the Beach

Oh my goodness. The cute overload! I can’t even with this.