New Brushes Will Help You Kardashian Kontour

If you want the tools and the know-how to contour — or kontour — like a Kardashian, well, you are in luck. Kardashian makeup artist Rob Scheppy is now brand ambassador for Brush iQ, a collection of brushes from tool company Tweezerman. While Tweezerman is best known for, well, tweezers, Scheppy's claim to fame is creating those faux, bronzer-assisted cheekbones for Kim and ko. He has also helped Kylie Jenner with those lips.

Even if you cringe at the idea of dipping and buffing into pans of bronzer and illuminator, all in the name of achieving a supremely sculpted cheekbone, the Brush iQ brushes are certainly of interest. In his role, Scheppy will work to educate consumers about these tools.

Apparently, they have patented technology so that you can apply the product uniformly and evenly, and the fibers are said to be superior to natural animal hair fibers, according to WWD.

I don't contour nor do I aspire to kopy the peaks and valleys of Kim's contoured facial landscape, but I do appreciate a good brush, which can help me get an even application or dusting of powder.

So when Scheppy told WWD that "a perfect look begins with the right brushes and tools," I was game. I fully agree with him. You can spend all the cash in your bank account on high-end products, but if you don't apply them with the right tools, in the right manner, then it's akin to setting your money ablaze.


Tweezerman selected Scheppy for the gig because he has "unmatched talent and ability to educate on trends and application will be a tremendous asset to our brand," according to WWD.

Yeah, that and the fact that he is associated with some of the most famous glamazons on the planet doesn't hurt, either.

Scheppy's new gig is good news for you, regardless of your emotions toward contouring.

1. Increase Your Own Brush IQ

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There are loads of brushes on the market. Scheppy will be tasked with creating some digital content to help the consumer understand exactly what the Brush iQ tools do and how to use them effectively. So that'll be fun.

2. Brush Up

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As stated previously, you can spend a ton on products and on tools, but if you don't know how to make them work in concert, you're screwed. An in-demand, current, and modern artist like Scheppy helps bridge that gap.

3. And If You Really Want Kardashian Kontouring...


... you're going to get it. It's not an easy look to pull off and there are lots of tutorials, but when you get it from "the man" himself, the guesswork will be eliminated.

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