Katy Perry Leaks Her Phone Number & Your Texting Buddy Dreams Almost Come True

Bad news, everyone. While we were busy freaking out over Ashton Kutcher's fake phone call prank on Wednesday, we missed an even better phone-related opportunity. In the process of trying to share a video of her dog, Butters, Katy Perry accidentally leaked her phone number. Um, oops?

In the video, Butters' tag was clearly readable, which means so was Perry's phone number... and unfortunately, since then, the video — which was shared on both Twitter and Instagram — has been deleted and Perry's number has been deactivated. Obviously, it had to have been a nightmare for Perry to realize her mistake and then have to change her number, but if she hadn't? Having Perry in your phonebook would be the best thing ever if it wasn't, you know, a total breach of her privacy and all.

Because seriously, how awesome would it be to access the singer's infinite wisdom and sense of humor anytime? I've always thought that Perry would make an incredible best friend, and obvs we'd be inseparable if she just got added to my group texts and realized that we are basically the same person. Being able to chat with Perry whenever would be the best — of course, only in a fictional dream world where she was actually receptive to becoming BFFs with a total stranger who also happens to worship her and her musical genius.

Here's what you'd get to do:

Text Her When You're Bored

Looking for someone to chat with while you're in line at the grocery store or bored at work? Message Perry with a few emojis, and your troubles are over. If her texting skills are anything like her tweeting skills, she's probably endlessly entertaining via text. You can tell her about how annoying it is when the person in front of you at Starbucks has no idea what to order, and she can fill you in on the exciting life of being one of the world's biggest pop stars. Everyone benefits!

Call Her For Advice

Being that Perry is so wise and worldly, I have a feeling there's no problem she can't solve. Whether you're in a fight with your roommate or can't figure out what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, Perry has all the answers.

Clear Up Rumors Immediately

There are a lot of questions about Perry's personal life that I would love to have the answer to when all the Internet provides is rumors. Perry, is that really your hair, or was it an April Fools' Day prank? What's the deal with you and John Mayer? What about Diplo? What is Left Shark's deal? What do I need to do to get you and Taylor Swift to be friends again? These are questions that could be answered in minutes if only I had access to her direct line.

Sending Cat Photos Back & Forth

Let's face it, the Internet exists mainly because of cat photos, and what good are they if that picture of the tiny sleeping kitten you found can't be shared with someone who will truly appreciate it? And if anyone will, it's Perry.

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