Bob Barker Returned To 'The Price Is Right' As An April Fools' Prank, And Everyone Lost Their Damn Minds — VIDEO

So as an April Fools' Day prank that was actually just a totally delightful treat for everyone. Seriously, just watch the audience's response. Their brains are melting, which is completely understandable considering they just unexpectedly found themselves in the presence of a daytime TV deity. The Cleveland-rocking Drew Carey replaced iconic host Barker in June 2007 and has worked on filling those big shoes since. You see, Barker acted as the game show's host for a solid 35 years, aka, long enough that no one else could ever quite feel right filling the role. (Sorry, Carey, but you know this is a fact.) Yesterday's appearance marked the first time Barker has visited the brightly-lit set since his in December 2013, which featured on-air pet adoptions, because only we can control the pet population.

The first set of contestants to approach the stage have no idea they're about to be greeted by quite the surprise. As the fluorescent doors part, the overjoyed announcer takes great relish in hollering, "And now, here is the star of The Price Is Right: Bobbbbbb Baaaaarker!" And in walks an excruciatingly adorable (is it just me or does he only grow more endearing with each passing year?) Barker in a snappy black suit with purple tie. Personally, I'd be terrified to compete on the show regardless of the specific date, but April Fools' Day? Nerve-fest.

That seems a pretty intimidating prospect, but come on, you kind of can't ask for a better surprise on the day you happen to choose to visit The Price Is Right.

Imagine the glory of returning to an empire you spent almost 40 years building and feeling such warmth in your reception. Let's review Barker in all his glory throughout his decades on air:



This is from the first-ever episode, meaning it's also Barker's first-ever little jog from backstage.



Tanner than the previous decade, but still with the same smirk.



Silver fox alert, y'all. And finally:



From Barker's final episode as master host. ::tear::

Bob Barker! Whatta guy.

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