Women Respond To The First Negative Thing Someone Ever Said About Their Looks — VIDEO

Do you remember the first negative thing someone said to you about your appearance? I think everyone does. We all remember being young and starting to mentally keep a list of "things that make you ugly." For me, it started when I was about 10 years old. Some kids were sitting behind me in class giggling, and one of them tapped me on the shoulder so they could ask me if I was a werewolf because my arms were so hairy. They thought it was hilarious, I, obviously, did not, and subsequently spent many agonizing years waxing and bleaching my dark arm hairs. The folks over at Buzzfeed asked women to respond to the first time someone said something negative about their bodies, and allowed their current grown-up selves to respond. If I could respond to those kids back then? I'd say, "I know you are you said you are but what I am?" because I am THE MOST MATURE.

With insults ranging from "kangaroo pouch" to complaints about having "no bum," these ladies, like most ladies, know what it's like to grow up with people telling them they're worthless or less deserving of respect and love because of the way they look. How empowering then, to be able to stand up and say, "Well actually, no." So your homework for the day is now to think about things that were said to you about your looks that were mean, and come up with a sassy response. Here's how the girls at Buzzfeed responded to their childhood detractors:

1. The woman who had her stomach poked and prodded says:

2. The woman who was told she'd be hotter if she had a bigger butt says:

3. The woman whose tummy was called a "kangaroo pouch" says:

4. The woman who was told she couldn't have a white mother and be brown says:

5. The woman who was told her butt was "too flat" says:

Watch the entire video below, and see what all the ladies had to say:

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