Sia’s “Big Girls Cry” Music Video Features ‘Dance Moms’ Maddie Ziegler Again & These Moments Prove The Clip Is A Trip — VIDEO

She's baaack! On Thursday, Sia's "Big Girls Cry" music video premiered online, and once again, Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler is front and center — literally! The camera spends almost the entirety of the dramatic clip zoomed in on the 12-year-old performer's face, which she skillfully uses to bring the pain and anguish of Sia's "Big Girls Cry" lyrics to life. I really enjoyed Ziegler’s work in the "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart" videos, but I have to tell you, about 20 seconds in to "Big Girls Cry," I actually started to roll my eyes.

"At this point, she's literally just making the weirdest facial expressions she can think of," I said to myself. "Anyone could do that! This is meaningless."

But I spoke way too soon.

As "been there, done that" as Ziegler's routine seems at first, she ultimately delivers, creating several powerful and memorable emotional moments throughout the treatment. (Don't worry — she creates plenty of silly ones, too.) The talented young dancer really has a knack for interpreting Sia’s words. I hope the pair will continue to collaborate in the future. They make quite an impressive team!

Here are 17 of Maddie Ziegler's best moments from Sia's "Big Girls Cry" music video:

This Chilling Opening

When She Hears A Noise Coming From Inside The House

When She Turns Into A Guppy

When Even She Has No Idea What She's Pointing At

When Things Suddenly Get Real

When She Can't Stop Drawing All Over Her Face

When Sadness Sets In

When Her Foot Rings But It's Just A Stupid Telemarketer

When She Has A Major Dracula Moment

When She Stops Screaming Just Long Enough To Strike A Pose

When Her Whole World Turns Upside Down

When (Sia's?) Hands Attack!

When... Whatever's Going On Here Happens

When She Bites Her Own Hand & Then Immediately Apologizes For It

When She Gets The Giggles

When — Like Karen From Mean Girls Before Her — She Tries To Stick Her Whole Fist In Her Mouth

When There's An Alien Abduction

*The X-Files theme song begins to play*

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