Natalie Portman's Latest Dior Ads Are Killer

Some ads are more effective than others. Call me a lemming, but the last set of Natalie Portman Dior ads sent me running to the nearest Sephora saleswoman to ask what color she was wearing in the oh-so-chicly-metropolitan ad. When the saleswoman didn't know, I went on to swatch every single color in the hopes of finding it — then, when I couldn't figure out which one it was, I went to Nordstrom and did the same thing (crazy, I know). I didn't end up actually finding the color (which I later found out was the shade Lili), but I did walk away with Dior Rouge Baume in Garden Party, and it's one of my favorite (and most expensive) cosmetic purchases to date.

TL;DR: Natalie Portman has crazy advertising powers that even Don Draper — heck, especially Don Draper — would be in awe of. Her newest ad campaign recently launched (incidentally, the new images coincide nicely with Marion Cotillard's latest Lady Dior advertisements), and it's no exception. Oh, and guess what she's selling this time? High-shine, high-coverage lip gloss. I've yet to personally try it, but knowing Dior's track record with ultra-luxe lip products, it's going to be pretty darn spectacular. Take a look at the ad, and see if you can avoid the siren call compelling you to walk to the nearest Bloomingdales with your credit card in hand, in search of that classic-yet-modern shiny, shiny, shiny red:

Images: Getty Images; Dior/Instagram