Marion Cotillard's Dior Ads Are Out Of This World

The house of Dior goes desert chic for its latest print ads, starring an internationally renowned beauty familiar to fans of the luxury brand. Marion Cotillard's new Dior ad campaign is finally here and it's set in a futuristic landscape featuring Lady Dior's newest handbag collection. The Academy Award-winning actress and longtime Dior muse appears alone in a barren environment, surrounded only by solar panels as the desert sun beams down on her flawless face and upswept hair.

Dressed in a red ensemble with metallic silver arm in one of the photos, Cotillard channels the Bionic Woman, if she had been transported from Paris Fashion Week to the Mojave desert. The actress also seems to be phoning home a la E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial via an old school payphone. In another shot, Cotillard dons an indigo dress with embroidered sequins and a blue grid pattern reminiscent of the ones in the Tron movies.

Photographer Peter Lindbergh once again goes behind the lens for the ad campaign, which was shot in a solar plant in California.

Take a look at Marion Cotillard's latest Lady Dior ads below and watch the accompanying Dior fashion film posted by Grazia Daily:

Images: Dior (2)