Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Road to Engagement Was Paved With a Lot of Craziness

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Finally it is happ'ning to me right in front of my face and I just cannot hide it. I am excited about Kimye declaring their intent to declare their eternal love to one another. That's right, y'all — I am in full support of a lifelong Kimye! I am a Kimye convert! I love the prospect of being able to say Kimye for all time! Kanye proposed to Kim last night at the AT&T stadium in front of her friends and family, with a Jumbotron that read "PLEASE MARRY MEEE!" (REALLY makes me miss Kanye's blog). It seems like just yesterday Kanye and Kim started dating and we were all like, WTF? Let's look back fondly at Kimye's strange and fascinating and really good-looking relationship...

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