12 Iced Coffee Recipes To Make At Home, Because There's More To Life Than A Starbucks Frappuccino

The time has come to ditch those wintry warming lattes and extra-hot drip coffees for more refreshing (and often way more decadent) iced coffee recipes. While Frappuccinos are really more milkshake than iced coffee, warmer temps are the perfect excuse to indulge. The downside is that options from Starbucks and Coffee Bean can get a little pricey if you're partaking a few times a week — but these 12 DIY concoctions are just as satisfying, are customizable to your taste, and you can make enough for all your friends for the price of one at a coffee shop. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Image: How Sweet It Is

Brownie Mocha Milkshakes

The greatest thing about Frappuccinos is the fact that you’re disguising something that’s absolutely dessert, and justifying it at any time of day. Bakerella packs brownies, ice cream, Kahlua coffee, chocolate syrup, AND whipped cream into this blended treat.

Image: Bakerella

Skinny Caramel Frappuccino

This blend by Averie Cooks serves up all the creamy indulgence of a caramel Frappuccino… at only 50 calories per glass. Seriously.

Image: Averie Cooks

Coffee and Donuts Milkshake

Oh no, you are not mistaken — this drink by How Sweet It Is involves blending donuts and ice cream directly into your coffee.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Salted Caramel Milkshake

I’m going to let you in on a secret — this ice blend has no coffee in it, much like the now-famous Birthday Cake Frappuccino (and I’m assuming a bunch of other versions). But this salted caramel drink from My Baking Addiction is brilliantly decadent on its own, and you could always add a shot of espresso if you’re looking for your caffeine fix.

Image: My Baking Addiction

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Milkshake

In true frapp form, this drink from A Cozy Kitchen is really more milkshake than coffee. Coconut ice cream and sweetened condensed milk lend extra-creamy sweetness and some Vietnamese flavor.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Homemade Iced Mocha

This blended drink by How Sweet It Is truly puts store-bought Frappuccinos to shame. Not only does this guy have fresh whipped cream, brown sugar, vanilla, and rich chocolate syrup, but it also has a “mocha sugar” rim. I swear there’s coffee in there somewhere, too.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Lightened Up Cookies & Cream Mocha Milkshake

This chocolatey coffee blend by Averie Cooks is actually not nearly as bad for you as it looks. Low-fat ice cream and a fat-free whipped cream topping provide the rich creaminess you crave without all the calories.

Image: Averie Cooks

Horchata Iced Latte

This recipe from The Little Epicurean features horchata from scratch, which means you get all the creaminess of a traditional latte without the dairy — plus a spike of cinnamon.

Image: The Little Epicurean

Cacao Coffee Banana Smoothie

This healthy mix of bananas, cacao nibs, coffee, coconut milk, and agave from A Cozy Kitchen is the perfect way to amp up your morning cup and get a little mini breakfast in at the same time.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Sea Salt Iced Coffee

I’m a sucker for sea salt, especially when it’s complementing something sweet. This combo by The Little Epicurean is just the right mix of strong coffee, rich cream, sugar, and a touch of saltiness.

Image: The Little Epicurean

Creamy Boozy Iced Coffee

Who said you can’t merge cocktail hour with your coffee fix? This rich blended drink by Averie Cooks combines coffee and Frangelico with your choice of dairy, sweetener, chocolate syrup, and dark chocolate shavings.

Image: Averie Cooks

Thai Iced Coffee

Cardamom and almond extract lend complex Thai flavors to this recipe from Steamy Kitchen. In just a few minutes, you can make enough for you and three friends.

Image: Steamy Kitchen