7 Types Of Easter Peeps And What Your Favorite One Says About You, Because These Marshmallow Treats Reveal A Lot

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who found the Peeps in the corner of the kitchen during the grand Easter egg hunt and wouldn't let go of them for hours, and those who simply stuffed them to the bottom of their Easter baskets, unimpressed by the fluffy little sugar beasts. Either way though, in case you hadn't noticed, there is a ridiculous amount of flavor and shape decision-making to be made when it comes to which types of Easter Peeps you like best.

From blue raspberry to sour watermelon to party cake, there may be no popular combination that has been untouched by the Peep powers that be. Don't get us wrong. We like variety. We welcome it with open arms. On the other hand, much like a night downtown during which you are looking particularly foxy, the breadth of options can occasionally be a bit overwhelming. Everyone's got their favorite flavor; perhaps you're all about the celebration of the season, maybe you prefer the wacky, novelty flavors, or it could be that you're a long-standing supporter of the little yellow, sugary OGs. Bet you've never considered the mental and physical indications of this very important decision, though, so we're here to clarify what your favorite Peep says about you.

1. Original Peeps

You may be a bit nostalgic. You might be a tad stuck in your ways. But your mentality is solid: Why mess with a good thing?

2. Chocolate-Dipped

There's such a thing as natural enhancement, and these little guys are the cream of the crop. You appreciate the originals, but are in full support of capitalizing on what you've got. Especially when there's chocolate involved.

3. Pink Bunnies

A flair for the pink and sparkly is a great indication that you're fun, adventurous, and perhaps even a little bubbly. You want to have your cake and eat it too, and there is nothing wrong with that. Plus, you get a little satisfaction over nibbling off each ear prior to going in for the kill; you're a danger to the Peep community, and you're all about it.

4. Peep Rice Krispies

You've never been one to do a single thing half-way. You enjoy challenge, creativity, and making things work the way they've played out in your mind. Things don't always turn out exactly as you'd planned, but it's always interesting being around you, and your friends love your antics, especially given the amount of food involved.

5. Vanilla Creme

You like to keep it classy, and in the Peeps world, vanilla creme is the way to go. Nothing too out there; no particularly vivid colors or crazy adornments necessary — all you need is a good, solid flavor, and a few tastefully placed sprinkles.

6. Peeps Cupcakes

You're the life of the party, never afraid to give a venture your all. You know that life is short, and that we have minimal chances to make the most out of it, so you take every single opportunity.

7. Ghost Peeps

Run-of-the-mill desserts just aren't going to do it for you; they need art. They need substance. They need to carry a story with them. Where has this Peep been? What has he seen? What does the Peep after-life carry? The world may never know.

Images: Josh Kenzer, Lenore Edman, Mike Mozart (2), Max Elman, David Goehring, Justin Kern, Poppy/Flickr