11 Peeps Recipes To Make For Easter That Will Change The Way You Look At These Sugary Marshmallow Treats Forever

Easter is still a ways away, but people have already begun filling up on their favorite holiday treats — Peeps. Eat 'em plain or bake them into sugary Peeps recipes, these sugar-coated marshmallows are a symbol of both Easter and the spring season as a whole. But this candy can be more than the star of an Easter basket. It can also be the main ingredient in a Peep-filled dessert.

Let's be honest — as much as people love Peeps, they can only eat so many before tossing their marshmallows, so to speak. Even Matt Stonie, who ate 100 Peeps in two minutes, probably grew sick of the chicks and bunnies at some point during his challenge. But when the Easter Bunny fills your basket with boxes upon boxes of Peeps, you have to find a way to get rid of them. And we don't mean sticking them in the microwave and watching them self-combust.

From cookies and cakes to a seasonal s’more, there are plenty of easy ways to turn your Peeps into a delicious dessert. In fact, we have so many Peep-filled recipes for you to try, you may have to go out and buy more.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

by Leah Rocketto

Peeps S'more Pies

Elevate your Easter candy with Something Swanky’s Peeps s’more pies. The graham cracker crust gives the confection some crunch, and the ganache adds an extra layer of richness.

Image and recipe: Something Swanky

Peeps Eclair Cake Cups

Fill your family’s Easter baskets with Inside Bru Crew Life’s individual eclair cups. Topped with a Peep, these treats are sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Image and recipe: Inside Bru Crew Life

Peeps S'mores

Take these spring sweets for a summer spin with Eclectic Recipe’s Peeps s’mores. The easy-to-make treats will transport you to warm nights by the campfire.

Image and recipe: Eclectic Recipes

Rice Krispies Treat Pizza

Cookies and Cups’ Peeps-filled pizza utilizes all your leftover Easter candy, making it the perfect post-holiday dessert.

Image and recipe: Cookies and Cups

Peeps Coconut Cake with Mascarpone Frosting

For more intimate Easter affairs, whip up I Am A Food Blog’s individual coconut cakes. These eye-catching confections are super easy to make, giving you more time to spend with your guests.

Image and recipe: I Am A Food Blog

Coconut Chocolate-Covered Peeps Cake

Chocolate makes everything better — even a Peep. Half Baked Harvest’s coconut chocolate cake adds an extra layer (or three) of flavor to your favorite Easter candy.

Image and recipe: Half Baked Harvest

Peeps and Candy Bar Cupcakes

The Peep isn’t even the best part of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen’s Easter cupcakes. Hidden in each confection is a miniature Milky Way. How cool is that?

Image and recipe: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Peeps-Stuffed Jello Shots

If you’re hosting a grown-up Easter egg hunt, make sure to serve Endless Simmer’s Peeps-stuffed Jello shots. Because we all know candy tastes better with a little booze.

Image and recipe: Endless Simmer

Peeps and Nutella Sandwich

We had you at Nutella, right? Climbing Grier Mountain’s Peeps panini is great as an afternoon snack or late-night dessert.

Image and recipe: Climbing Grier Mountain

Peeps Sushi

Trade your spicy tuna roll for something a little sweeter. All you need to make The Kitchn’s Peeps sushi — a.k.a Peepshi — is a classic cereal, some fruit leather, and a lot of Peeps.

Image: David Goehring/Flickr

Peeps Cake Batter Candy

If you thought cake batter couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. Cookies and Cups’ Peeps candy bars are the perfect treats to slip into someone’s Easter basket.

Image and recipe: Cookies and Cups