Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Hold Hands At HAIM Concert, So They're Either Trolling Us Or They're Totally Dating — PHOTOS

Listen, I try really hard not to do this to Taylor Swift. When rumors first emerged that Swift and Calvin Harris were dating, I gave her the benefit of the doubt because rumors always emerge that she's dating all of her male friends. Heck, rumors have even emerged that she kissed her longtime bestie Karlie Kloss. The world just can't seem to accept that a woman like Swift would willingly choose to be single without romantic sparks flying all over the place between herself and any man in the immediate area. However, compelling evidence for Swift and Harris as a couple has emerged on the Internet and now I don't know what to think. You see, Swift and Harris were at a HAIM concert together, along with some friends, on Thursday. Not only were they caught holding hands, but Swift was also spotted sitting in Harris' lap at the show. How... friendly?

Don't get me wrong. It's not unusual for friends to sit in each other's laps. I have sat in quite a few platonic laps in my day. However, this is the kind of action that Swift isn't usually seen partaking in when she's in public. She was photographed sitting on Harris' lap with his arms around her, in fact. I would be willing to explain away the handholding on the logical reasoning that he didn't want to lose her in the mob outside the concert in West Hollywood, but the lap sitting?

There's more than one seat that Swift could have been in, you guys. In fact, she even shifted to one of those seats later on. But right in this moment, she chose to sit in his lap. Whether something is going on between the two of them or not, they had to know that they were going to send the fans into an absolute flurry with this borderline romantic behavior. That leaves me with only two explanations for what very clearly looks from pictures as a date night: either Swift and Harris are actually dating, or the two have joined forces to troll us completely. Wasn't it just the other day that Harris claimed Swift isn't his type?

Like I said, leaving a show hand in hand is not exactly a smoking gun. Especially not when you're a celebrity, and there's a pack of people outside who might interrupt your time together even if you look like you're together-together, But Swift sitting in Harris' lap when there were plenty of other seats available if she didn't feel like standing up? Harris wrapping his arms around her and lacing his fingers together over her stomach? I am swooning, and they haven't even confirmed that they're a couple yet! And I'm not the only one who is completely losing their mind over this.

This is Swift and Harris' world you guys. We're just living in it, and whispering "aww" in the background like nosy siblings. Here's hoping that they either confirm their relationship, or reveal that they're just messing with us, some time soon, because I can't handle all these feels.