Calvin Harris Would Swipe Left On Taylor Swift?!

Though it's been heavily rumored in the past week that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating — so much so that tabloid coverage has already crowned them music's hottest new couple — I think it's safe to say that this old interview of his will...well, not help things. Like, at all. According to The Daily Mail, Harris appeared the radio show Capital FM Breakfast on back in November 2014, months before the rumors of him and Swift together began floating around. On the show, Harris was asked whether or not he would "swipe right" — aka, "like" — Taylor Swift on the mobile dating app Tinder, and his response was... questionable, to say the least:

The thing is she’s just the opposite of my type. She looks lovely but she’s the opposite of my type so I would just go left.

Yikes! Meanwhile, Harris admitted he would "swipe right" on his good friend Ellie Goulding, as well as Capital FM Breakfast host Lisa Snowdon.

Of course, it's possible that Harris was just being cheeky; saying he would "swipe right" on Swift may have made bigger headlines, and maybe in the interest of avoiding giving tabloids fodder, Harris withheld his true answer. After all, this interview went under the radar for months until he actually was spotted out with Swift. Alternatively, perhaps he really didn't think Swift was his type until he met her — I'm sure we've all had instances where we misjudged people based on our perceptions of them before we actually get to know them, and it's definitely possible (likely, even) that Harris had no clue what an awesome person Swift is.

Either way, it's probably safe to say at this point that Harris would definitely not "swipe left" on Swift at this point. (Nor should he, because they're kind of perfect for one another.)