Recap 'Mad Men' Episode "Waterloo" With These 8 Key Moments Before Season 7 Ends An Era

This week in "good news quickly followed by bad news," Mad Men is returning, but for the last time. The first half of Mad Men Season 7 brought back us to the journey of the mysterious Don Draper that we first fell in love with. It had a few odd and unforeseen moments that left me scratching my head, but for the most part, it was sexy and dark and fascinating, just like Don Draper himself. Now, there are just seven remaining episodes in the final season of Mad Men, and quite a lot of story that needs to be wrapped up.

But before moving forward, let's take a step back. The mid-season finale (which wasn't really mid-season, since it aired almost a year ago), had a lot go down inside the walls of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (now SC&P) and out. It captured real-life moments in history, and gave us peeks into our favorite characters' fictional futures. Don't feel bad if you don't remember the highlights, because again, it was a freaking year ago that the mid-season finale aired. We've got you covered. Here are all the biggest moments that happened in the last episode of Mad Men, "Waterloo."

1. Man Walked On the Moon

The moon landing was a huge part of this episode, as every character spent time in front of the TV, completely mesmerized by the history they were seeing in the making. It also had a major impact on their pending deal with Burger Chef. It was a significant moment for each character as it symbolized a wide open future with endless possibilities, and for Bert, the last really cool thing he'd ever see.

2. Don Was Almost Fired

Jim orchestrated a seriously shady move to get rid of Don, by citing a "breach of contract" as a way to fire him. When Don got the letter, he confronted Jim and put it to a vote. The vote went in his favor and Jim didn't get his way. He also gained a very dangerous enemy in a newly determined Don Draper.

3. Ted Lost His Damn Mind

Ted turned into a drunken hot mess and decided he didn't want to work in advertising anymore. He took some important clients into his tiny little plane and scared them half to death with his cavalier pilot 'tude.

4. Sally Smooched Under the Stars

And not with the hunky jock staying at Betty's place. She kissed Neil, the younger nerd, under the stars. And more importantly, Sally initiated the kiss, not Neil. (Take that, Betty.) Sally is becoming a woman and even though I'm not her mother (and Sally isn't a real person) I have to say that old cliche: I just can't believe how quickly she's grown up.

5. Peggy and Don Became Peggy and Don Again

In the episode before this one, Peggy struggled with the Burger Chef campaign and was pushed aside by Pete so Don could run point on the idea that she built. She resented him for it at first, but then relied on his swagger and skill to bring her to her best. And he did. And it was adorable.

6. Don and Megan Called it Quits

They had been dancing around a break up for a long time. With her on the opposite coast, the growing tension hit a breaking point when they had an emotional phone call about Don's job and whether he should move out there. It seemed like Megan was all in until he offered to give her what she'd been wanting, and then she realized she didn't want it anymore. They said goodbye on the phone, and seemingly for good.

7. Bert Cooper Died

Moments after the moon landing, Bert passed away. Roger took Bert's passing the hardest and some of the partners immediately gathered at the office to mourn. Of course, the main fallout of Bert's death was Don's revelation after everyone gathered at the office to say goodbye. Don's spectacularly strange hallucination of Bert singing in the hallway — in his socks, of course — seemed to mark the dawn of a new, well, Don.

8. Don Won the Fight

The agency was purchased by a competitor as Roger was desperate to regain control of the company and protect Don's job. The move was a risk, but they get to keep their office, name, clients, and most importantly, our leading man. Draper, you glorious bastard.

Image: Jaimie Trueblood/AMC; Giphy (7); wardrobemalfunctioned/Tumblr