Britney Spears Is Not A Girl, Definitely A Woman

Britney Spears launched a lingerie collection, Intimate Britney Spears, last year. And while she is someone's mom — two young boys call her mom, actually! — it doesn't mean she can't get sexy. In fact, Britney Spears underwear isn't trashy in the slightest. Brit Brit's undies, and I mean the branded kind, are actually quite classic. In two 30-second Britney Spears lingerie videos, which are part of a promo campaign, the singer reminds us of lyrics she once sang.

Back in the day, Spears proclaimed, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman," which was indicative of her status as a sexpot from her teen years. But with these videos, promoting Endine and Eris, Brit is anything but a girl. I'd hope so, since the singer is 33, a parent, and plenty experienced. Through it all, she's still thermonuclear! While Britney Spears will always be the modern pop scene's sexy, teasing Lolita to some, you can still appreciate her pretty facial features in these videos.

In the spots, Brit reads Harlequin-like text about the sexiness of intimates and undies, and while that's a bit cheesy, Brit's normally baby-ish and breathy voice is measured and clear. It's clear that she's all grown up.

The accompanying images and scenes of her in strapless bras, garters, and underthings are a different kind of sexy for Brit Brit. There's nothing too revealing or dirty, yet she doesn't ape Victoria's Secret ads, either. It's subdued.

Brit's lingerie spots are much softer and quieter, much like the undergarments themselves!

Watch the first video!

And the second.

Our Britney has totally matured, in more ways than one.

She's looking like a blonde bombshell from the Old Hollywood glam era with those long waves, red lips, and that supportive bustier.

The garters and the wrap are very classic pinup, too! With her hands on her hips, Brit projects strength and confidence.

This is Brit at her most va-va-voom! Approachable, yet beautiful.

The red lips work for her and highlight her gorgeous face.

Even with the shorter bob, she's still gorgeous, with the come hither head tilt. She's a mom, yes, but not of the soccer variety.

With this intimates range, there is no mistaking the unsinkable Britney Spears' station in life. She is a woman and a well-adjusted one at that. The singer, who is no stranger to very public meltdowns and drama, looks and sounds amazing.

Love her, mean it!

Images: YouTube (6)