Will & Kristen Shouldn’t Cancel Their Movie

And just like that, Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell's alleged Lifetime film has been canceled. In a Deadline confirmed statement, Ferrell announced, "Kristen and I have decided it is in the best interest for everyone to forgo the project entirely, and we thank Lifetime and all the people who were ready to help us make this film." The reason? The duo were disappointed that their plans for a Lifetime film were released in the first place. As a diehard Wiig/Ferrell fan, I am broken up about this, so in response, I have 8 pro-Lifetime movie arguments to counter that reasoning... you know, if this movie is actually real.

Because honestly, how can we be sure this isn't an weird, belated, elaborate April Fools' joke from two of Hollywood's funniest? Truthfully, that would make more about 110 percent more sense than the duo just dropping the project because of rumors. Given Ferrell's reputation as a noted prankmaster, this kind of bogus announcement and quickly dusted-under-the-rug follow-up makes me question if this film even existed in the first place. It's like Suri Cruise circa 2006.

But if the project DOES exist, there's no doubt it would be amazing, and we should band together to insist upon it's release. (Honestly, will someone please think of the live tweeters?!)

So here is my (highly personal) arguments for why this Lifetime movie should totally be made... if it's actually real.

1. Because this project will now be hotly anticipated.

They just got a bunch of free publicity! People are now psyched for seeing these titans of comedy subvert Lifetime tropes. Who WOULDN'T tune into this now?

2. Because other Saturday Night Live cast members could be involved.

Tina Fey could write the screenplay, Aidy Bryant can play the seductive mistress, Amy Poehler can be the pregnant teenager, and Kenan Thompson could be the kindly work friend that has Wiig questioning her marriage.

3. Because I've always wanted to see Ron Burgundy and Dooneese thrown into a romantic entanglement.

Two characters with raw animal sexuality on screen together? Hand me my smelling salts.

4. Because I've also always wanted to see them collaborate on an unauthorized Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears biopic, so that could be this project.

"Brit-Brit and JT: the TRUE story behind their romance. With John Goodman as Lou Pearlman, some extra from Gossip Girl as Christina Aguilera, and Joey Fatone as himself." IT WOULD BE SO GOOD, don't try to deny it.

5. Because if none of those ideas go through, I'd honestly just watch them try to improvise something melodramatic for two hours.

If you've seen them at the 2013 Golden Globes, you know they're superb at thinking up things off the cuff.

6. And because it'll be spectacular and memorable.

Generally that's the rule of Lifetime — no matter what the film is about, it'll be Internet fodder for weeks, maybe years. I still remember more about The Pregnancy Pact than I do Citizen Kane.

Please don't deny us this, guys... if it's, you know, a real thing. (If it's not a real thing, can we make it a real thing?)

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