Ben Brucker Covered His Office In Superhero Murals Made Entirely Out Of Post-It Notes And Is A Hero In His Own Right — PHOTOS

I would like to take this moment to formally apologize in advance to everyone in the Bustle office, because now that I have seen the results of these I literally have no choice but to do it myself. I am compelled to start sticking things to the wall the way babies are compelled to take their first breaths. It is natural. It is right. It is all our beloved comic book characters from DC and Marvel, staring at you while you work in all of their spandex-clad, two-dimensional glory.

The team behind the madness works in an office in San Francisco, and they took this project very seriously (as well they should). Not only did they film the entire undertaking, but they took meticulous care with Post-It note placement, even printing out templates that they could refer to during assembly.

It was all the brainchild of employee Ben Brucker, who : "I got bored with the drab walls at my office, so I decided to spruce them up a bit," he said. Apparently his boss gave him a $300 budget and the go ahead to make every superhero nerds' dreams come true.

I'm personally a big fan of them including my one and only favorite hero:

Don't even talk to me about him not being in the Avengers franchise, because I'll cry and short circuit my laptop and you'll feel bad (maybe).

Of course, no office decor is complete without the veritable badass that is Wonder Woman:

And would your day even have any meaning if Tony Stark weren't snarking around a few feet away from your desk?

Basically this is what the office looked like before Ben & Co. got their hands on it:

Much boring, very sadness, such blah.


TA-DAAAA. The whole thing took a whopping 8,024 Post-Its to complete. The only sad part of this is that apparently the team is switching offices in a few months, but at least they can enjoying stewing in their badassery until then.

Here's the entire album that documents their triumph:

And a video that shows the journey from drab to fab (typing that made me feel like an HGTV host just now):

Your daily reminder that with great office supplies comes great responsibility.