Disney World Now Has a Vegan, Gluten-Free Bakery, Proving That Magic Lives Beyond Childhood

If you've ever been to the famous Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you know exactly how excited kids can get in the face of all that "magic" in one place. Well, now us adults can get in on the magic too, as Disney World has opened a vegan, gluten-free bakery. Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC, known for its BabyCakes vegan and gluten-free offerings, has just landed spot inside of Downtown Disney. Just likes its New York City location, the Downtown Disney one sells an array of yummy baked goods that can be enjoyed by both vegans and folks who avoid gluten — as, of course, can those who don't either eat vegan or gluten-free. Just some of the options included on Bakery NYC's menu are donuts, cupcakes, muffins, and cinnamon buns. Baked goods for everyone!

McKenna told the Huffington Post about her new business venture, "Disney is this place that's a fantasy land... It was really exciting to open there because it was completing that fantasy for a lot of kids and parents with food allergies." Although the bakery is wheat, dairy, and animal product free, McKenna says that only a handful of customers come to eat at Bakery NYC because of food allergies. She says that the vast majority of customers are enticed by the live baking that's happening in the storefront window — park goers can see the pastry chefs actually bake the sweet treats they're about to eat! Since most bakeries have the actual baking part happen in the back, away from the customers' line of sight, this gives Bakery NYC an exciting edge.

One of the best parts of this new establishment being at Disney World is that the park is famous for its... well, less than healthy options. An eight scoop ice-cream sundaes and peanut butter and jelly sandwich burgers sound delicious, but they're definitely not the right kind of fare for those trying to eat healthy at Disney. This bakery, however, combines delicious treats with an eye for health, since all of that butter, processed wheat, and refined sugar is not present in its offerings. That means you can indulge without feeling too guilty about it.

Bakery NYC's new location is proof that magic does still exist for adults — the charm Disney World holds can't be threatened by age. Here's a few more reasons why:

1. Literally Anyone Can Eat at Bakery NYC

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The website says that their baked goods are not only free of gluten and animal products, but also use no wheat whatsoever, have no soy, and are even kosher. That means that no matter what your dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices involve, you can probably enjoy one of their delicious cupcakes.

2. They Use Coconut Oil for Fat


To eliminate the use of unhealthy fats that are usually present in bakery goods, these ones use coconut oil and non-GMO canola oil in their treats. Their website mentions just a few of the health benefits of coconut oil, which include boosting your metabolism and lowering your risk for heart disease. We at Bustle are also huge fans of coconut oil and have written about it's amazing benefits before, so you can really feel good about eating one of their cupcakes!

3. They Ship In the US

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If you want to try one of Bakery NYC's sweet treats but aren't in NYC, LA, or Disney World, you can place an order online and have your baked goods shipped to you!

4. They Also Have Cookbooks


As if national shipping wasn't enough, founder Erin McKenna has written three cookbooks that show you how you can make delicious treats that good for the planet and for your body, right in your own kitchen. Who wouldn't want to get in on this secret?

5. Did We Mention They Have Donuts?

Donuts that look this delicious are making me want to run to Disney World right now. Just saying.

Images: Getty Images (5); Erin McKenna/Instagram