11 Ingenious Coconut Oil Recipes Because Our Vegan Friends Were Right This Whole Time

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Vegans, this one goes out to you. For years, you’ve been telling us to take a leap of faith and switch to coconut oil. You told us we didn’t need butter in our scones or cream in our hot fudge sauce — but we didn’t believe you. Then, we had coconut rice. And granola. And raspberry crumble bars with coconut-laced walnuts. And we were sold.

We already knew coconut oil as a trendy beauty ingredient and as a miracle food. But the best part? It also happens to be really, really delicious. With its sunny, tropical taste, coconut oil wants to be used like butter in all your pastries. It wants to be melted, cooked with vegetables, and drizzled over popcorn. Vegans, we give up — you win this time.

Image: Oh, Ladycakes

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