11 Ingenious Coconut Oil Recipes Because Our Vegan Friends Were Right This Whole Time

Vegans, this one goes out to you. For years, you’ve been telling us to take a leap of faith and switch to coconut oil. You told us we didn’t need butter in our scones or cream in our hot fudge sauce — but we didn’t believe you. Then, we had coconut rice. And granola. And raspberry crumble bars with coconut-laced walnuts. And we were sold.

We already knew coconut oil as a trendy beauty ingredient and as a miracle food. But the best part? It also happens to be really, really delicious. With its sunny, tropical taste, coconut oil wants to be used like butter in all your pastries. It wants to be melted, cooked with vegetables, and drizzled over popcorn. Vegans, we give up — you win this time.

Image: Oh, Ladycakes

by Lisa Siva

Date Granola

When it comes to granola, you have options. There’s olive oil and butter, but our favorite? Coconut oil, hands down. Naturally Ella recommends swapping it into this granola recipe for a hint of tropical goodness.

Image: Naturally Ella

Coconut Muffins

The secret to fluffy, pillowy muffins? You guessed it: coconut oil. Since it’ll be a solid at room temperature, be sure to melt it first before whipping it into your batter. Thanks, My Baking Addiction!

Image: My Baking Addiction

Aloo Gobi

Surprise! Coconut oil can be savory, too — and it’s especially delicious in Love and Lemons’ coconut-infused aloo gobi.

Image: Love and Lemons

Mahi Mahi Burrito Bowl

Your burrito bowl is only as good as its rice. Give it an extra kick with coconut oil, à la Half Baked Harvest.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Coconut Cream Cake

We’ll bet you already love coconut cream cake. Take yours to the next level with coconut oil in the batter. Thanks for the tip, Oh, Ladycakes!

Image: Oh, Ladycakes

Chocolate Sauce

Why stop at cake? Half Baked Harvest uses coconut oil to create a smooth chocolate sauce for coffee — but we think it’d be good drizzled on just about everything else, too.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are traditionally made with a buttery crust, but coconut oil keeps your dessert (and your conscience) light. Green Kitchen Stories shows us how.

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

Mango Scones

We like to pretend our scones are healthy — but let’s be honest: they’re pretty much clouds of flour with four sticks of butter cut in. Adventures in Cooking reinvents the teatime staple, vegan-style.

Image: Adventures in Cooking

Raspberry Crumble Bars

We know, we know. You just figured out the difference between crumbles and crisps, and now we’re asking you to ditch the butter? Trust us, the hint of coconut in Love and Lemons’ raspberry bars is worth it.

Image: Love and Lemons

Chocolate Truffles

Yes, you can make truffles without heavy cream…and it’s as easy as throwing all your ingredients into a food processor. Green Kitchen Stories breaks it down.

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

Stovetop Popcorn

Coconut oil is addictive every which way — but it’s especially magical over fresh popcorn and studded with dark chocolate. Thanks, Cookie and Kate!

Image: Cookie and Kate