What If Damon Was Klaus On 'Originals' For A Day?

I think it's safe to say that The Originals has become the exception to any commonplace concerns about the potential success of spinoffs. By the end of the first season, this show had established itself as its own entity that we feel compelled to tune in to every Monday night. That being said, though, I still find the possibilities of an Originals and Vampire Diaries crossover to be extremely intriguing, not just because I love a good reunion (which I do), but also because it'd be fascinating to see how some of the characters would gel in with each other's drama-filled worlds.

Take TVD 's Damon Salvatore, for example. Now just imagine if this guy made his way down to New Orleans. Or better yet, let's take it a step further and picture what it'd be like if he actually took Klaus' place for a day. I mean, how crazy would that be? The Big Easy would never be the same again, that's for sure. So follow me, if you will, down this Klaus-Damon switcheroo rabbit hole and envision how things would change if the Smolderholder were king of New Orleans. Because you have to admit, it'd be amazing.

There'd Be A Lot Less Worrying

Klaus has a tendency to really stress out over things, which can sometimes make him a little cranky. (OK, so maybe extremely cranky.) But Damon has such an easy going nature that it'd be downright impossible not to have a good time around him. Even at his worst, he's still at his best.

Drinking Would Be At An All-Time High

Which is really saying something for a city like New Orleans. We could also expect spontaneous dance parties to break out on at least a weekly basis.

City Maintenance Jobs Would Be Through The Roof

He may not get worked up quite as easily as Klaus, but when he does, his form of venting can be of a rather destructive nature. Hey, ruling an entire city is hard, OK?

The Dress Code Would Strip Down To The Bare Minimum

As much as I love Klaus he is so not shirtless enough on this series. Damon would be sure to rectify the situation straight away and give us that swoon-worthy appeal we're looking for. If you got it, flaunt it, baby!

Sarcasm Would Never Be In Short Supply

Klaus can be a bit of a whiner at times, which would make Damon's humorous and sarcastic nature a welcome change-up for the Big Easy throne. I mean, when's the last time you heard Klaus so much as crack a joke?

Painting Would Be Replaced With Baths

Klaus has his ways of relaxing, and Damon has his — bubbles and all. I mean, that's pretty much an art form in and of itself, right?

Alliances Would Be Stronger

Believe it or not, Klaus isn't exactly a people-person. In fact, most of the time he's only looking out for himself. The wolves and vampires can sense that, which makes them appear to be not as loyal to Klaus as they potentially could be. Damon, on the other hand — while still a technical "bad boy" — has a tendency to put his loved ones before himself. Sure, he'll do murderous and unforgivable things to protect them, which isn't great, but his intentions are noble. So if playing nice with the wolves would be a way to help keep them all safe, he'd shove aside his stubbornness and pride to do it — without turning it into a power struggle like someone else.

No More Daggering

We all know Damon's more of a neck-snapping type of guy.

He'd Face Dahlia Head On

Though it wouldn't be the smartest plan to just go in fangs blazing, Damon would undoubtedly underestimate her witchy powers and charge right into her line of fire without thinking. (He's always had the mentality of act first, think later.)

So what do you say, guys — does this or does this not sound like a dream come true?

Knew it.

Images: Mathieu Young/The CW; gifs4roleplayaz/Tumblr (8); gif-huntress/Tumblr (2)