Disney Cruises Adds 'Tangled' Musical To On-Board Entertainment & It's About Time

Along with turning its animated classics into live-action remakes and announcing sequels for its biggest hits, Disney has even more exciting news for its fans — a live Tangled musical is being developed for Disney Cruises. According to Disney's official blog, the musical will premiere aboard the ship Disney Magic in November 2015, and it already sounds amazing: Families will be able to sing along to their Tangled favorites including "When Will My Life Begin?" and "I Have A Dream" along, with three brand-new songs that are currently being developed for the show by Tangled composers/lyricists Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. Suffice to say, you can expect Broadway-caliber theatrics, show-stopping musical numbers, and some very, very long wigs in Tangled: The Musical.

Based off a drawing of the stage design released by Disney, it looks like there will be a castle, a horse, and plenty of maidens in this musical created for the high seas. Even though all of the buzz around Disney these days tends to focus on Frozen (which isn't a bad thing, don't get me wrong), this news will hopefully remind fans of all of those other modern Disney classics that deserve more love. Along with Tangled, it'd be great to see the films Princess and the Frog or Brave make appearances aboard Disney Cruises.

But, for now, let's focus on this project: Tangled: The Musical is happening, and that's worth celebrating. Here's a first look at Tangled: The Musical:

Anyway, Tangled: The Musical isn't the only thing that makes for an incredible Disney oceanic adventure — here are all of the things that REALLY need to be part of the ultimate Disney Cruise experience, in addition to Tangled:

What the Buffet Should Look Like

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All of the dancing food, please.

What the On-Deck Entertainment Should Look Like

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Who DOESN'T love a crustacean steel drum band?

What the Bar Should Look Like


What Island Excursions Should Look Like

Grass skirts and fruity cocktails are the extent of my trek off-ship, thank you very much.

What the Captain Should Look Like

I always appreciate a toe-tappin cap'n.

What the Pool Games Should Look Like

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Everyone's a winner!

What Wake-Up Calls Should Look Like

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It's the circle of life and R.E.M. cycles.

Images: Disney, throughthelookingglassalice; coolmodelswag