Pepperoni Pizza Fries Might Be Coming To Carl's Jr., So Get Ready To Freak Out, Everyone

If you love pizza, fries, and/or California-based burger chains, I have some excellent news for you: Word on the street says that Carl's Jr. is testing Pepperoni Pizza Fries. You heard me — pepperoni pizza and French fries just had a lovechild, and it's currently available for purchase. Of course, it's only available for purchase in one location that I know of right now, but hey. One is better than none, right?

A tipster nudged Foodbeast in the direction of a Carl's Jr. location in Anaheim, California (home of Disneyland and the Mighty Ducks) yesterday — so of course, intrepid food journalists that they are, they trucked on down to the location in question and tried 'em out. What are they, exactly? One of Foodbeast's commenters referred to them as “Italian-style poutine,” which sounds about right; instead of being covered with gravy and cheese curd, the fries are covered with tomato sauce (which the Italian side of my family always refers to as “gravy,” anyway), mozzarella, and slices of pepperoni. According to Foodbeast, they “tasted exactly how they sound, and it wasn't bad. Nothing crazy, but not bad.” For the curious, they look like this:

Carl's Jr. has tested out some wacky varieties of fries before; in 2014, for example, Bacon Ranch Fries topped with (surprise!) Ranch dressing and bacon bits hit the menu. But while I've never been particularly fond of Ranch dressing, I adore pepperoni pizza, sooooo… yeah. If I lived anywhere near Anaheim, I would be there like a shot.

The burger chain seems to be keeping information about the test pretty tightly under wraps, so alas, that's all we know about them so far. But I have lot of questions about the test: Is it happening in other Carl's Jr. locations, or is the Anaheim restaurant the only one? Are they being tested at Hardee's, too (because, y'know, Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are pretty much exactly the same)? How long is the test happening? Will I ever be able to try this this delicious-looking albeit terrible for you creation? I must know!

But alas, for now, I have no answers. Stay tuned, though — I'll keep my ear to the ground. If Pepperoni Pizza Fries become a bonafide thing, I'll be sure to pass the news along.

Images: Carl's Jr.; Foodbeast/Twitter