The Olsen Twins Really Do Love 'Full House'

by Rachel Simon

UPDATE: On April 20, John Stamos announced that Fuller House had received a 13 episode order from Netflix. It's actually happening, you guys. There's still no word on whether the entire original cast will get back together for the season premiere, but the series proper will follow DJ, Kimmy, and Stephanie after the three women move in together to care for all their children together.

When news broke Thursday that a Full House spinoff might be in the works, fans of the show were elated. Not only is there the possibility that the beloved '90s sitcom will get another chance of life, on Netflix, no less, but many of the original stars, from John Stamos to Candace Cameron-Bure, are said to be on board the alleged project. This could be the Full House revival of fans' dreams, with one glaring exception: if it happens, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are probably not going to be in it.

The absence of the Olsen twins' names from a Full House-related event isn't exactly a surprise. Despite growing up on the series, the stars have distanced themselves as far from the show as possible over the years, preferring to focus on their careers as fashion designers. They don't attend most reunions, tend not to talk much about the show, and probably don't spend too much time watching reruns or wondering about Comet.

Yet just because the Olsens aren't as enthusiastic about the series as their former cast-mates doesn't mean they don't care about the show that made them famous. The stars have said that they're grateful for their time on Full House and, despite what photos might imply, they're still close with many of their fellow Tanners.

Seven times Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen proved they actually love Full House:

When They Appeared On The Ellen Show

In 2014, the Olsens gave a rare TV interview, in which they discussed Full House's legacy and reminisced on their time on set. Talking about how new generations are finding the show, Ashley called the series' endurance "incredible," noting, "it's still relevant, and that's amazing." She also admitted, to DeGeneres' and viewers' surprise, that the twins enjoy watching the occasional re-run.

When Ashley Hung Out With Lori Loughlin

Although many members of the Full House cast reunite as frequently as possible, the Olsens are usually nowhere to be seen. An exception was made, though, in 2013, when Ashley Olsen spent time with her TV aunt, Lori Loughlin. "I had a great time hanging with Ashley last night!" Loughlin wrote. "Such a beauty inside and out."

When They Discussed Their Stylish Pasts

The twins spend most of their time running their clothing empire, and in a 2013 interview, they nostalgically looked back on how their love for fashion began. As Ashley explained, dressing as Michelle Tanner required frequent changes of clothes, and their massive wardrobe consisted mainly of high-fashion brands like Chanel and Marc Jacobs. Because of their size, the twins had a role in designing and fitting the outfits, leading them to discover their passions for the industry.

When They Were Invited To The Reunion

Although the Olsens didn't attend the huge Full House reunion in 2012, it wasn't because their castmates didn't want them there; in fact, Candace Cameron-Bure said that the cast was "bummed" the twins chose not to attend. The reason for their absence is unknown, but it's not because they never received an invite.

When They Revealed Their Acting Secrets

Thought the Olsens were just baby-acting prodigies? Sorry to disappoint, but in a 2009 interview, Mary-Kate revealed that gummy bears were used to get the girls to crawl towards a certain location. Ingenious.

When Ashley Woke Mary-Kate Up With The Theme Song

In the same interview, Mary-Kate recalled a time when Ashley slept over and chose to wake her sister up by playing an episode of the show. She even revealed that she remembered the theme song, and sang a verse to the lucky reporter.

When They Were Defended By Their Former Co-Stars

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Comedy Central roasts are known for crossing lines, but at Bob Saget's ceremony in 2008, some participants took the jokes too far. Comedians like Gilbert Gottfried and Jeffrey Ross used the Olsen twins as punchlines, joking that Saget molested them and making fun of their supposed eating disorders. The jokes were edited out of the broadcast, but Saget still voiced his disapproval, telling The New York Post that "anybody who talks about my TV kids – that upsets me the most." John Stamos, too, came to the twins' defense, saying that he thought some of the roast was "a little over the top," and that the comedians "crossed the line a few times." Both TV parents spoke about their affection for the Olsens, with Stamos calling them his friends and Saget saying that he loves them "very, very much." Tanners forever.

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