Who Is Cody Walker? Paul Walker's Brother Has An Important Role In 'Furious 7'

If you've seen the latest film in the Fast & Furious franchise, Furious 7, it's likely safe to say that you're feeling very palpable pangs of sadness coupled with the intense feelings of thrill that normally come from having just watched a Fast & Furious film. This is understandable, of course, considering that Furious 7 is the final film that late star Paul Walker worked on before his tragic death in November 2013. As most fans of the series know at this point, Paul was in the midst of filming when the tragic accident occurred, prompting producers — in an effort to give Paul and his character Brian O'Conner the tribute they so deserved — to enlist the assistance of Paul's two younger brothers, Cody and Caleb, to stand-in for their brother and help complete certain scenes. The resulting scenes are nothing short of heartbreaking — and a perfect send-off to Paul and his character. Now, with news surfacing that Paul's 26-year-old brother Cody may be considering a career in acting, fans are likely wondering who is Cody Walker, besides the younger brother of Paul?

At the premiere of Furious 7 this week, Cody said in an interview that the ending of the filming was "bittersweet," and even though it was surreal and difficult to step into his brother's role physically, the support from the Fast family really held him together. He said of the movie: "It was something that so many people put their heart and soul into and now everyone can see it. It was a good way to close the chapter." He also went on to say that he had known most of the cast and crew of the Fast films — including Vin Diesel — since he was 11, when Walker filmed the first film in the franchise.

Since Furious 7's release, the Daily Mail has hinted that Cody may be set to join the cast as a new character — who obviously, on looks alone, would have to be related to Paul's character Brian O'Conner. If these rumors are true, it would be an amazing way to honor his brother's legacy — after all, Cody would be pursuing a career in something Paul loved so dearly.

So, what is there to know about Cody? Here are six things to know about the younger Walker, since he might be your next fast, furious star.

1. He's A Humanitarian

Despite the great loss and tragedy that Paul's death brought to his family, Cody has been incredibly outspoken about his family's grieving process and appreciation for all the support from fans in their tremendously difficult time. He recently took over as the Brand Manager for the charity that Paul started, Reach Out Worldwide, a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster relief. Cody posted the news to his Instagram account, reminding his fans of Paul's inspiring words: "When you put good will out there, it's amazing what can be accomplished."

2. He Really Loves His Brothers

Tugging on the heartstrings: Cody posted this photo of himself and his brother Caleb, saying "I don't know what I would do without you."

3. He Loves The Great Outdoors

Cody travels a lot, both for fun and for philanthropy. He recently took a trip to the Philippines to help with disaster relief with Paul's charity, but he also has lots of great shots of the wilderness on his Instagram — especially of a recent trip to Oregon. He also loves to camp, saying that he went on a 5-day camping trip totally off the grid.

4. He's Got A Great Beard

Just thought you ought to know.

5. He's Got A Sense Of Humor

Ain't that the truth.

6. He's A Sap In The Best Way Possible

Shortly after his older brother's death, Cody posted this photo of an intense and beautiful sunset, and captioned it: "Happy birthday to my biggest big brother. Miss you." So sweet and shattering at the same time.

Image: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic