Lange's Craziest Moments on 'AHS'

If we’ve learned anything from American Horror Story: Coven so far it’s that nothing is ever really “gone.” It just might be buried alive for nearly 200 years. There is, however, one permanent departure on its way for the series — Jessica Lange will be leaving the acclaimed FX series after next season. She’s been with the show since its beginnings and it’ll be hard for AHS’s creators to fill the huge gap left in her wake. However, American Horror Story has had no problem in finding some seriously powerful actresses to join its ranks; Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Connie Britton, Angela Basset and Gabourey Sidibe just to name a few.

Still, Lange’s performances have elevated the series to a status not many shows on basic cable can achieve. She’s won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her roles in AHS and we reckon there are more accolades on the way for her final two years on the show.

Her character on Coven, Fiona Goode, is a Supreme — a witch with the highest powers who is obsessed with staying young at any cost. Lange is remarkably wicked and as the actress hints, there is so much more ahead this season,

It’s only going to get darker. We’re going to move into territory that’s much more interesting to play than these first few episodes.

The first two episodes have seen Lange do some pretty twisted things, including digging up an undead Madame LaLaurie and tying her up in her home and facing off with VooDoo priestess Marie Laveau in a hair salon. I have a feeling what’s in store is going to be delicious. Before we look ahead at what Lange’s last two seasons might look like, let’s take a look back at some of her most startling and surprising moments on American Horror Story.

You're Not a Pretty Girl!

There are a lot of shocking things on American Horror Story. Plenty of blood, gore, and the stuff that nightmares are made of. Here, Jessica Lange pummels viewers with the sort of horror that’s so much more unsettling than any ghost or witch.

The Name Game

Asylum was a very dark season. There was an alien baby and a doctor who threw himself in an incinerator. There was however a brief moment of absolute insane humor. Lange is campy perfection in her performance of "The Name Game."

Constance's Bullseye

Lange’s character Constance caught her husband Hugo having sex with the family housekeeper Moira. And by that I mean Constance walked in on Hugo forcing himself on Moira and nearly raping her. Constance then shot Moira in the eye and Hugo in the heart... then buried them both in the backyard. Have fun sleeping tonight, everyone!

Fiona's Fountain of Youth

This season, Lange’s character Fiona Goode is a witch at the top of her craft who will stop at nothing to maintain her youth. She meets with Dr. David Zhong and demands that he gives her an unlimited supply of a youth serum he’s been developing. What happens when the doctor denies the most powerful witch in all of New Orleans? Why, she sucks the life right out of him, naturally.

Mind Control

DO.NOT. CROSS. FIONA. GOODE. After throwing young witches Zoe and Madison against the wall using her mind, Lange growls, “In this whole wide wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of is me.”

Images: American Horror Story, FX