Rita Ora Has An Eyebrow Raising New Look

Rita Ora may be best known for her brash, neon-bright, barely-there apparel, but she's giving out a very different vibe. Rita Ora rocks bleached brows on Clash Magazine and she looks nothing like she usuallt does.

For this editorial, the pop star abandoned her penchant for skintight and semi-sheer, streetwear-inspired clothing and embraced a sleek and simple vibe in a loose black sheath dress with a slit up-to-there chosen by the edgy, wunderkind British stylist Lola Chatterton. While Ora's apparel is relatively unremarkable, apart from the unexpected minimalism of the ensemble, her beauty look is decidedly more thrilling. The singer chose to keep her hair straight and cropped as opposed to her long, beachy tousled waves. The truly eye-catching element, however, is what you can't see: her eyebrows!

Ora is the most recent celebrity to participate in this editorial trend of bleaching out her bold brows from her famous face. Space alien eyebrows is nothing new in fashion, however, Cara Delevingne kicked off the craze again this past September when she bleached her iconic money-makers, rendering herself virtually unrecognizable, for the Givenchy Spring 2015 runway show. Kim Kardashian quickly followed suit, showing off some bright blonde brows on her Instagram for a shoot she did with Love magazine.

While Rita's definitely not the first to bleach her brows, she's definitely pulling it off the best, in my opinion. At first glance, it's hard to even figure out what exactly is off about Ora's face. Instead of being jarring or super strange, her lack of eyebrows, along with her pared down new look, is remarkably chic and sophisticated, channeling an otherworldly '70s vibe. Hopefully, Ora will realize the genius of this new aesthetic and keep it around for the future.

Images: Clash Magazine/Instagram