Kim and Cara Have a Collaboration In The Works

Instagram empress Kim Kardashian took to her account today to tease an upcoming project that involves her and model Cara Delevingne. Not only was Cara tagged in the poloroid-esque pic, which Kim shared with her 19 million followers, but so was LOVE Magazine editor-in-chief Katie Grand. Hmmm. (Side note: Kim spelled Cara's last name wrong in the post. Awkward.)

In case you haven't seen it, Kim's half-sis Kendall Jenner is on the bi-annual publication's current cover, so Kim and Cara sharing the honor next time isn't totally beyond the realm of possibility. But that does seem like it would be a little redundant for the UK-based fashion magazine, so we can't help but wonder: Is there something more in the works than a standard photo shoot? Here are five possible things the model and the reality star could be collaborating on:

1. Backup vocals on Kanye's next album

Cara has already forayed into the world of film, so singing is kind of the next step, right? Plus, Kim's already been in one of her hubs' music videos, so there's that.

Uh-huh, honey.

2. Chicken Soup For The Soul: Celebrity Sisters Edition

Remember these books? Chicken Soup For The Preteen Soul, man -- it cut me so deep. But I'd definitely be down for another version of this (actually, did they ever stop making them?) Although I'm not a celebrity, nor do I have sisters, I'd love to live vicariously through Kim's tender moments being an aunt to Kourt's kids or get a firsthand look at Cara's experience at British socialite sister Poppy's wedding.

3. A style swap

A joint fashion line between these two seems a little unlikely, because Kim seems to gravitate towards curve-hugging glamour while Cara's style is, well, model-off-duty. But imagine if these two decided to do a random style-swap -- Cara trotting around in Kim's go-to lace-up heels and a form-fitting dress and Kim sporting boyfriend jeans, a loose leather jacket and tousled hair would be pretty crazy. (You know you've established your personal style when it's weird for other people to think of you wearing anything else. Props, ladies.)

4. A joint selfie book

Kim's selfie expertise + Cara's fierce brows? I'm in.

5. A Love Magazine cover

Even though I'd like to think one of my first four predictions is correct, I have to be realistic by mentioning that the tease might just be for a cover shoot (or at least an in-book photo spread.)

No matter what the two have in store for us, though, there's no denying that this pic is pretty gorg.

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