'Southern Charm's Cooper Is Charleston's Gatsby

I don't throw around the comparison to the ultimate party-guy Jay Gatsby lightly. but Southern Charm star Landon's friend Cooper, might just be the closest thing the city of Charleston has to Gatsby. Sure, maybe Cooper's life isn't as mysterious as Gatsby's. And he's probably not earning money illegally either, but when it comes to someone you want to know and party with, Cooper is your man. Which is probably why the cast of Southern Charm can't get enough of Cooper and his presence on the social scene.

Cooper — actually K. Cooper Ray, but that's a little bit of a mouthful to be called on a TV show — has been a guest to a couple of big parties on Southern Charm this far into the second season. We first saw him accompany Ms. Patricia to Baby Kensington's Second Christening — he's the one who did a live-action pose with an Hermes bag asking if he looked like a GQ ad. He also attended Whitney and Shep's first beach house party with Landon. At the inaugural bash, we learned that Cooper is having a fashion show and, good news for us Southern Charm fans, asks Shep and Craig to participate in the show. YES.

So if you ever find yourself in Charleston, can I suggest you find your way to a party where Mr. Cooper will be, because you're definitely going to want to party with him — and befriend him. Here's why.

He Can Style You

Is that taking advantage, because I don't really care. From the second Cooper stepped on camera, I knew this guy had style, and of course he does, he's a designer. Cooper is the designer behind Social Primer — which just sounds luxe — and designs beautiful ties, bow-ties, and suits.

You Could Be In His Next Book

Not only is Cooper a designer but he is also an author. Because he is a man of class and status — really, he is — Cooper has written a book called Bill of Rites for the American Man. Consider these guidelines on being the ultimate "American Man." Cooper also wrote the novel Last Night at Moomba, which follows a Southern gentleman through high New York society. Classy.

Get Some Sweet Hook-Ups

Cooper hangs around with a fabulous group of people, of course, so chances are there are some perks of being friends with him. One of them? Cooper was the VP of Bottega Veneta and an "Ambassador" of Dom Perignon, aka, high fashion and Champagne, what more do you need?

Meet Patricia?

Who doesn't want to just meet Patricia, Whitney's mother, at least once? I'd even be OK with her insulting me, as if it were a rite of passage into Southern society.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo