Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Wore Matching Jackets

The question of the week seems to be whether or not Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating. The duo was spotted holding hands when leaving a Haim concert and now there's even more compelling evidence: Swift and Harris wore matching leather jackets. Whileholding hands! I, personally, hope this means they're official. They seem totally great together, and they coordinate their outfits — you don’t get cuter than that.

I'm not necessarily saying that matching outfits with your significant other is always recommended, but you can't go wrong with a "borrowed from the boys" look. Whether you’re spending your Saturday night with someone special or living vicariously T. Swift and Calvin Harris' (potential) romance, you too can master the “I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes” vibe.

So, how to channel the happy maybe couple's matchy look without getting too cutesy? Well, the first step to conquering this advanced sartorial trick is finding the right balance of unisex and girly. The items you choose should have a nice mix of masculine and feminine elements. It’s important to look like you could be wearing his clothes, but to still have a touch of your own personal style.

Check out Swift and Harris for some couple-dressing inspiration:

By the way, what’s their celebrity mash-up name? Can I go ahead and coin Caylor, right now?

Channel the adorable stylings of Caylor with these masculine-meets-feminine pieces.


After Party Vintage Tried and True Flannel, Nasty Gal

Flannels are easy go-to pieces in everyone's closet. Match your flannel to your boyfriend's or just look like you stole his shirt for the day. Either way, you'll look totally laid back.


Boyfriend Graphic Tee, Forever 21

After Party Vintage Tumble Muscle Tee, Nasty Gal

So, whether your shirt literally reads that it's your boyfriend's tee or not, white shirts and muscle tees are great for looking like you raided his closet.


Boys Club Sweater, Nasty Gal

This is a more preppy look, but if it fits your style as a couple, then rock it.

Boyfriend Jeans

High-Rise Boyfriend Jeans, Forever 21

This is a no brainer. Obviously, boyfriend jeans are the perfect pants for both members of any couple to rock.


Woven Cargo Joggers, Forever 21

Joggers are in for men and women right now, so take advantage of this and make this relaxed style work for you as a couple.


Urban Renewal Recycled Work Wear Overalls, Urban Outfitters

Definitely a more hipster-y option, but hey, don't hate! I personally would love to try and pull these off.

Pleated Pants

Peg Pant with Front Pleats, ASOS

Pleated pants are trending for men, and they are the perfect way to nail a day at the office kind of look.


JAKIMAC Uni Leather Suspender, Urban Outfitters

A woman needs her accessories, and here's a way you and any man in your life can coordinate the extras

Images: Courtesy Brands