Easter Candy Exploding In Slow Motion On 'Battle Damage' Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing You'll See All Day — VIDEO

Easter is usually a non-event for me; in many ways, I feel like it's a holiday that only matters if you're actually religious or under the age of 10. But that doesn't mean that I'm totally without holiday spirit—and hey, look at this! I just found the best way to celebrate it ever: A video showing Easter candy exploding in slow motion! I mean, Easter is all about renewal and rebirth and stuff, right? Well, what better way to represent it than by destroying a chocolate bunny and making way for… whatever comes after the chocolate bunny?

The video is part of WIRED's Battle Damage series, which specializes in destroying things for both your viewing pleasure and for science. Admittedly it's mostly for your viewing pleasure — but the science of destruction is pretty fascinating, too, so at least there's that. They tend to do holiday videos whenever the season requires it (Valentine's Day's video was pretty memorable), so naturally they'd decide to see what happens when you drop an Easter basket from a distance too, right? The best part is that it's all been slowed down, enabling you to see exactly how it shatters as it happens.

The full video shows you exactly how they shot the video, so scroll down to watch it — but I know what you really want to see. You just want to watch the candy explode. Over… and over… and over again. Or is that just me? Whatever — I made GIFs out of some of the best moments, just so anyone who, like me, gets a kick out of stuff like this can watch a chocolate bunny get destroyed on loop. Accept my gift in the spirit with which it is given: The spirit of love and affection.

First, we have the moment of impact...

Then, we have the second wave…

And finally, we have the denouement.

But wait! There's more! Not content simply to let the candy be the instrument of its own destruction, they also turned it into a real-life Looney Toons cartoon.



Wile E. Coyote would be proud.

Watch the full video below, and head on over to Battle Damage's website to see more. Happy Easter, everyone! Or… something!

WIRED on YouTube

Images: Mezzapod/Flickr; WIRED/YouTube (4)