And The Most Popular Easter Candy Is...

If you're anything like me, you've already devoured at least one entire bag of jelly beans (the Starburst kind, obviously) in anticipation of the Easter Bunny's big visit on Sunday. C'mon, guys, I know I'm not the only one with an appreciation for chewy, bite-sized pieces of sugary, artificially colored bliss. According to new data released by popular food tracker MyFitnessPal, jelly beans are the most popular Easter candy this time of year, blowing other Easter basket favorites like Peeps out of the water when it comes to seasonal candy consumption. So whether you want to admit it or not, you and I are in this together.

Using data logged by its members, MyFitnessPal found that jelly beans see a huge rise in popularity around mid-February — so right around the time drug stores start to transform their aisles into pastel-colored playgrounds after months of selling only Valentine's Day chocolate. By Easter Day, jelly bean consumption is up 1,152 percent over average, which even the most ardent of jelly bean fans will tell you is a pretty mind-blowing number.

Peeps, on the other hand, only start to become popular in the week or two leading up to Easter, and while they also reach their peak on Easter Day, they're still only about a third as popular as their jelly bean comrades. Womp, womp.

And while chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs obviously experience an uptick this time of year, MyFitnessPal reports that there's no obvious spike in chocolate consumption around Easter — probably because chocolate is such a popular treat year round, whereas jelly beans and Peeps experience a much shorter, seasonal shelf-life. Chocolate eggs beat out chocolate bunnies in terms of popularity, which I imagine has something to do with the fact that eating an adorable chocolate bunny can be an emotionally chaotic experience (I'm being serious — I can only get to the ears before feeling like an utter and complete monster).

Honestly, while this information may put you in a hankering mood for a Cadbury Creme Egg, none of it is really that surprising. If the Starbucks Birthday Cake Frappuccino has taught us anything, it's that there's something about limited-time-only novelty items that makes you want to consume them en masse immediately before they disappear. So continue to indulge on your favorite Easter candy with reckless abandon now while you still can, my little sugar fiends, because once April 6 rolls around, munching on cute little marshmallow chicks becomes, well, a little weird. And while you're at it, here are six other Easter treats to stock up on right. now.

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

The best example of peanut butter and chocolate living up to its fullest potential.

2. Lindt Chocolate Carrots

Sort of like a wolf in sheep's clothing, but I like it.

3. Marshmallow chocolate bunnies

Perfect for people who can't decide what they want.

4. Bunny corn

Actually this seems kind of gross, but since you can't get it any other time of year, you'll probably regret not picking up these pastel bad boys when you had the chance.

5. Starbursts Jelly Beans

I wasn't kidding. These are the best.

6. Cadbury Creme Eggs

My bad — these are the best. The end.

Images: Benjamin Golub, Dan LaMee, Richard Gillin, David Slack, Kaleb Fulgham, sea turtle/Flickr; MyFitnessPal; Russell Stover