Cat Owners, These Cartoons Are Your Life

By now it goes without saying that your cat, despite how much you love him or her, is a total jerk. Designer Claude Combacau’s Catsass Cartoons let you know what your cat really thinks by accurately capturing the wicked soul of Satan’s spirit animal. Because as much as we love our kitties, let’s remember that they will do anything they can to either sabotage our activities or maintain a complete air of indifference about our existence.

The main character, Catsass, is an evil, vindictive, and all around terrible kitty inspired by Combacau’s personal experiences with her cat. “Born in my crazy cat lady’s mind, this character says everything we’re too shy or polite to express,” writes Combacau. “Yes, I do have a cat in real life, and no, he’s not as horrible as this one.” These cartoons remind us that, no matter how they capture our hearts and intrigue us to no end, cats are mostly self-serving creatures. Yes, your particular cat may be awesome and sweet, but this does not make up for the vast number of cats whose favorite activity is knocking stuff over. Don't believe me? Here’s an entire Tumblr of cats being assholes.Below, Combacau's drawings of the fictional life of Catsass.

On letting him out:

On loving him:

On his feelings about your existence:

On knocking sh*t over:

On coddling him:

On him ruining your possessions/life:

If you loved these and find yourself wanting more of these hilarious illustrations, head over to her website.

Images: Courtesy of Claude Combacau