12 Flower Arrangements That Are Pretty And Totally Unique, Because You Can Do Better Than A Plain Pot Or Vase

Spring has finally arrived, and that means that all our favorite flowers are back in bloom — and we want to put them everywhere in our home, naturally. Yet as much as we love pretty spring flower arrangements and a rustic touch, we've come to admit that we can't just put a bunch of buds in a mason jar and call it a day. To get the most out of springtime flowers, we're starting to think creatively (and that includes brushing up with some flower arranging hacks).

For flower displays that really wow, try out some unique vase and planter options. These 12 DIYs will have your home looking like springtime in no time.

Image: The Effortless Chic

by Rebecca Deczynski

Flower Honeycombs

Deck the halls with some super fun spring style. Studio DIY adds major flare to simple honeycomb hangings with bright flowers.

Image: Studio DIY

Fresh Flower Garland

Tying your bouquet into a wall-ready garland adds an unexpected pop of color. The Merrythought breaks down how to do the simple yet innovative craft.

Image: The Merrythought

Flower Mugs

Mugs aren’t just for your morning cuppa. The Effortless Chic adds a cheery touch to a set of matching coffee cups.

Image: The Effortless Chic

Flower Hats

While Studio DIY’s fresh flower-covered paper hats may make a fun party favor, you don’t have to reserve these fun creations for accessories. The hats also make super cool floral centerpieces.

Image: Studio DIY

Hanging Vase Display

Take your vases to new heights with this easy hanging flower display by A Beautiful Mess. For a minimalist look, place a single blossom in each container.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging

Instead of potting your spring buds in a boring old planter, let them sit high and mighty with Vintage Revivals’ teardrop hanging.

Image: Vintage Revivals

Twine Hanging Vases

For more of a rustic twist on having vases, The Merrythought wraps small glass jars with a bit of twine.

Image: The Merrythought

Flower Wall

A little tape goes a long way. The Merrythought totally transforms a wall with the help of a bouquet.

Image: The Merrythought

Wire Vase

While these wire vases by A Beautiful Mess may work best with faux flower arrangements, you can still use them with real ones — just construct the DIY vase around something that can hold water!

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Chair Flower Jar

Add some unexpected elegance to your spring soirée with Josie Jones’ florally decorated chairs.

Image: Josie Jones

Slouchy Leather Sling Planter

A leather sling adds a cool touch to a pot of pretty flowers or a succulent. Vintage Revivals shows how you can DIY your own.

Image: Vintage Revivals

Flower Grapevine Wreath

It may be easy enough to buy a reusable plastic wreath from the store, but A Beautiful Mess takes it to the next level with fresh foliage.

Image: A Beautiful Mess