Birkenstock CEO Is All "What Is Normcore?"

Of all of the ironic and interesting things happening in the retail industry right now, this piece of news really just made me LOL. According to Refinery29, the Birkenstock CEO revealed he doesn't know what normcore is, but he doesn't seem to care to understand it either. I find this hilarious because the Birkenstock Arizona was absolutely the "It" shoe to have last summer when the normcore trend was at an all-time high. But while CEO David Kahan doesn't really know what normcore means, he does understand the general concept.

In an interview with Vamp Footwear, Kahan said, “I guess if it means consumers want to be comfortable in what they wear, or want their wardrobe to be built around core items that may remain in their wardrobe more than one season, then sure, that speaks to what Birkenstock is all about.”

Just last June, Birkenstocks were selling out online and it doesn't seem like the obsession with the "ugly" shoe is going anywhere. But Kahan credits his company's recent success with the end of the recession—not the normcore trend. Kahan feels that because of the financially trying time, people just want to be realistic about their wardrobe priorities. But are people really going crazy over Birks because of their comfort over their fashion status? I think not.

I have a feeling that normcore will lose its relevance as far as trends go, so it's probably a good thing that Birkenstock is a quality brand that doesn't care about keeping up with the cool kids. And because of that, I have a feeling that this brand will be around for as long as people love comfy shoes.