Sofia Richie Gets Sassy For Popular's Cover Photo

Long-awaited magazine Popular is finally coming out with their first issue next week. And based off the exciting fact that 16-year-old Sofia Richie is covering Popular’s first issue, it seems pretty obvious that their target audience is Generation Z'ers. But to be honest, I don’t care that I’m outside of their targeted age range because I can’t wait to get my hands on the first copy.

Popular was founded by Marvin Scott Jarrett, Nylon’s former Editor-in-Chief, which you could’ve easily deduced from just looking at Popular’s cover photo. Filled with bold and edgy fonts, bright colors, and a harsh flash, it's like a teen version of Nylon. And who better than Sofia Richie to kick off Popular as their perfect poster child.

Popular has been such a tease about their release for the past few weeks with Richie posting photos on Instagram with her countless #popular and #whatispopular hashtags. But the wait is almost over—Popular will fill up newsstands next Tuesday. The first issue will also feature Alexa Chung, Clemence Poesy and others.

I can't wait to see if Popular will be able to keep up with the digital-obsessed youngins'. If they do, Richie's set the bar pretty high for their cover models!

Image: sofiarichie/Instagram