What Is Eva Planing On 'The Originals'? She May Align With A Mikaelson To Eliminate Rebekah for Good

There's a new witch in The French Quarter, and she is so not stoked to share a body with Rebekah Mikaelson. It looks like Eva might overpower Rebekah on The Originals to get her out of her body for good. Though everything seemed fine after the body hop, it turns out that Eva is a force to be reckoned with, and we really don't know what she is capable of. I mean, when Rebekah first woke after body jumping she was trapped in a crazy insane asylum for witches surrounded by a ton of supernatural bouncers intent on keeping her there. That's not exactly a sign of a life well lived. Aside from the fact that she was locked up and rocks some seriously fabulous hair, what do we really know about Eva St. Clair?

Well, for one she is terrifying. Before Rebekah came into the picture she had been trolling the streets of New Orleans kidnapping witch children to use as a power source. (Think of her like the reverse Pied Piper, but with crazy dark magic instead of a flute.) Like any good collector, it is safe to assume she has an eye for talent since most of the teen witches she nabbed are incredibly powerful — making her dangerously so. To that end, we know she is about to be Marcel's enemy number one since she grabbed and is channeling his friend (but more like adorable little sister) Davina, who just cannot catch a break. While I love to watch Marcel in protective-vampire mode, I'm a little worried what he will do since Eva and Rebekah are body splitting, we can't lose her again! With everyone conspiring to get rid of Eva for good, I have a bad feeling she's going to strike up some unholy alliances to stay alive and in her own body.

To survive the Mikaelson's attack, she'll need to start making allies fast. It seems pretty clear she doesn't have many friends in New Orleans. In fact she seems pretty universally despised. The most likely candidate for her to align herself with is Finn, since he pretty much mastered the art of channeling spirits when he kept Esther and Mikael under his power. Sure, right now his spirit is trapped in Freya's necklace so he's currently out of commission, but that doesn't seem like it would be a problem for super-witch Eva.

To get to Finn she would have to go through Freya, the other big question mark on the show and I'm still not clear on where Freya's alliances or loyalties lie. Klaus does have a point (never thought I'd say that) though, that we don't really know her and cannot trust that her stories are true. If Eva somehow got Freya on her side they would have Finn as well. Hopefully Freya remembers their asylum bonding and stays firmly on Team Rebekah.

Of course, the real wildcard alliance that would put Rebekah in the most danger is Eva aligning with the most powerful witch of them all: Esther. Think of the spells, curses and general mayhem they could cause if they linked up. I'd like to believe that Esther wouldn't help anyone trying to hurt Rebekah but let's face it — she's never been mother of the year and could easily do some mental gymnastics to convince herself she's somehow helping her.

Regardless of who (if anyone) she teams up with, it's going to be a long, ruthless fight to the end. Eva St. Clair is dangerous, desperate and powered by a house filled with witches. Hopefully everyone figures out what they're up against, and fast.

Images: Guy D'Alema,Quantrell Colbert/The CW