On 'SNL,' Norman Reedus Kills Zombies On Weekend Update, And This Unexpected Guest Just Needs To Host Already

I love a good cameo, but a surprise cameo? Now we're just being spoiled. The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus showed up on SNL 's Weekend Update on Saturday, and not only was it completely unexpected, but it was also performed in Walking Dead character, which makes it a million times better. Reedus wasn't on the segment for long — just enough time to use that crossbow — but it was enough for me to realize Reedus needs to host this show. But for now, Daryl Dixon got to do what he does best during his quick cameo, and that is of course, killin' zombies. Well, not quite zombies...

Let me set the stage. Resident Young Kid, Pete Davidson, came out during Weekend Update to speak on the drawbacks of his smoking habits and The Walking Dead season finale. You see, Davidson is worried that if — and when — a zombie apocalypse occurs, he is going to be too high for people to know that he is a human and not a zombie that needs to be shot. Basically, Davidson's zombie-like tendencies while high are making him target number one for the Daryl Dixons of this world. Because the Daryl Dixons are people who aren't going to ask if you're a zombie or if you're high... They're just going to shoot away. So kids, beware.

Weekend Update co-host, Colin Jost, told Davidson he doesn't have anything to worry about, comforting a worried Davidson (who might or might not have been high during the segment). And because Davidson was basically a human zombie, out comes Norman Reedus — literally, out of nowhere — taking aim and shooting Davidson with his crossbow, Daryl Dixon style. In character, Reedus explained that he could have sworn that Davidson was a zombie because of his slow-moving actions, but no, it's just really good weed.

If I learned anything from this quick cameo it is the following two things. Pete Davidson loves to remind us that he smokes a lot of weed. And Norman Reedus needs to host Saturday Night Live so we can get more of that zombie hunting action going on.

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