Whitney Sudler-Smith's Net Worth Isn't Surprising: This 'Southern Charm' Creator Can More Than Pay The Bills

Any fan of Southern Charm knows that the entire cast has their fair share of $$$$. But even though they all act like they've got the dough, how to know if they're the real deal or if they're just convincing fakers. For example, Whitney Sudler Smith's personal net worth was estimated as two million by the appropriately titled CelebrityNetWorth.com, so take it with a bit of a grain of salt. Now I would never turn down two million in the bank, but I'm not a reality star, now am I? And for the high rollers on Southern Charm, that seems a little low, especially compared to Patricia's obvious wealth. She used to be married to an actual New York City billionaire, Arthur Altschul, and she absolutely lives like it.

I mean, she lives in a historical mansion, called the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House, that she bought for almost five million and renovated from top to bottom for what must have been almost twice that. And as we've seen on the show, the place is spotless, if a little bit overdesigned. Architectural Digest Magazine did a whole spread on Patricia's Mikell renovation, as preserving historical homes is a Southern tradition and the reason why Charleston still looks so picturesque.

But Whitney hasn't followed in his mother's footsteps. He moved to Los Angeles, and while in Charleston has stayed in a modern loft with vaulted ceilings. Instead of several much older spouses, Whitney has a very young, talented girlfriend, Larissa Marolt. But there are several ways that Whitney has boosted his bank accounts to justify that two million figure.

He Created Southern Charm, Of Course

Obviously, Whitney's biggest credit is thanks to Bravo — he's a producer of the show. And as long as it keeps airing on the cable network, he'll keep making some money from the show.

He's Got A Restaurant On The Way

You might remember Patricia's scathing remarks about Whitney becoming a restauranteur. She seems to think that it's not for him, but with all respect to Ms. Altschul, maybe her son should try to strike out on his own. A lot of restaurants fail in their first few years, because it's such an expensive and risky business, but if it does succeed, it could pay off tenfold.

He's Saved Money By Staying With His Mom

When Southern Charm isn't in production, Whitney spends most of his time in Los Angeles, which makes sense for a director/producer. But some reality stars would rent out an expensive house for the duration of production. Not Whitney. Even though it meant dealing with Patricia's icy quips day in and day out, he persisted until finally getting his own place at the end of the season. But it's wise, saving cash by staying with his mom. And it puts him one step closer to inheriting the mansion should Pat ever decide that she wants to change the scenery of her retirement.

He's Mounted A Successful Filmmaking Career

Viva Verve on YouTube

Whitney introduces himself primarily as a filmmaker, and he made a few short films in the late '90s-early 2000s. But he's primarily known for his documentary, Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston. While the movie may have received some mixed reviews (that doubled as rather personal insults), it was a fairly successful mainstream documentary release, which is a rarity. Plus, he scored an interview with Liza Minnelli, so that should make him rich in experiences, if not money.

Image: Robert Ascroft/Bravo