Who Is This 'Southern Charm' Star's Girlfriend?

Bless his heart, Whitney Sudler-Smith has a ladyfriend! And has had a ladyfriend for some time! According to Bravo.com’s The Dish, the Southern Charm star and Austrian model/reality TV star/actress Larissa Marolt have been dating “for the last year.” WHOA. They’ve been keeping it kind of quiet, but thanks to German tabloids, the story is OUT. “I’m in Germany now, and the press has been insane," Sudler-Smith told The Dish. "We're in every tabloid and newspaper. She seems to be the biggest star in Germany and everybody wants to know her business. But she's been a very good sport about the whole thing. She's very down to earth."

As a Southern Charm super fan, I didn't stop at this Dish story. I craved more deets. I was delighted to discover that there's a lot of info about Marolt (and Marolt and Sudler-Smith's relatonship) online, but dismayed when I realized a majority of it is in German. Scheisse! While my last name is very German, the only words I know are scheisse and danke.

So what do we know about Sudler-Smith's very beautiful female companion? Allow me to share the factoids I do understand:

How does Patricia Altschul feel about her son's GF? If only she had a Twitter account where she could answ—WAIT A SECOND. She does have a Twitter account!

Queen Pat gets her info from tabloids, too? Like a normal? Well, I'll be.