What To Do With Leftover Peeps, Because There Is No Way You Are Going To Eat All Of Those Marshmallow Chicks

Easter has come and gone, and the next candy and gift-giving holiday won't happen until Halloween, unless you have a birthday coming up. But don't worry, there are plenty of delicious and awesome ways to use your leftover Peeps to keep you busy between now and October. I mean, chances are you're not going to eat them all, so you have to figure out a way to use them, right?

Peeps are a marvel of candy science. They seem to last forever. They do get stale, but they're somehow just as yummy three months later as they are brand spanking new. Their outer coating is durable enough to carry them around sans packaging, and their insides are soft enough to make them fit into the unlikeliest of spots. You could swap them in for regular marshmallows when you're looking to up your s'mores game, or you could stick them on a flexible wire and adorn your head in a Peep-tacular crown. Upon seeing the crown, people will either run away or bow down, so win-win. And if you're not interested in eating them, you need to find some way to use them, right? Otherwise, it's just a waste of food. Here are some of the super fun ways to use your leftover Peeps, once your belly is chock-full of artificially colored marshmallow.

1. Up your centerpiece game

They're bright and colorful, which means that mixed with fresh flowers and colored stones or jelly beans, they look magnificent. Make one of these, and your table will never look more gorgeous.

2. Put them in the microwave and see if they explode

They probably won't, based on this video. But it'll be a fun experiment no matter how it turns out.

3. Make a Peep wreath

I mean, it's no Wreath Witherspoon, but it's still pretty fabulous.

4. Turn them into pillows for your dolls

Even if they're just collectibles, they still deserve nighttime comfort.

5. Feed your local ants for a month

Put one on the ground, and watch as the army of ants begins to swarm. Then check in daily to see how quickly they can devour it.

6. Name one, and carry it around as your pocket friend

Maybe your Peep is named Henrietta Softcenter, and she busted out of prison after she ate her husband. She caught him cheating on her in their bed of fake grass with a yellow M&M (that trollop). It was a crime of passion. She needs a place to hide, and your pocket is perfecto.

7. Use them as packing Peep-nuts

Styrofoam is bad for the Earth, right? Well, Peeps make the world a better place. So surround your fragile item in Peeps, and a safe, shatter-free journey is basically a guarantee.

8. Travel with them

If you're anything like me and hate taking selfies, a Peep would be the ideal photo stand-in. This way, you can cherish all the travel memories you make, and not have to be in all the photos.

9. Recreate an artistic masterpiece

Behold, the sugary beauty.

Image: Benjamin Golub, Qfamily (2), John, Colleen McMahon, Teresa Boardman (2); Giphy (4)