'Rolling Stone' Will Apologize For Story — REPORT

At the request of Rolling Stone, the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism will release an independent review Sunday night regarding the article "A Rape On Campus," which alleged a serious sexual assault and the subsequent failure of the University of Virginia to investigate. According to CNN's Brian Stelter, Rolling Stone will remove the story and apologize.

Sunday morning, Stelter tweeted, "Exclusive: @SabrinaRErdely is expected to issue an apologetic statement tonight. Her first comment about "Rape on Campus" article in months." Stelter reported live on CNN that his sources say Erdely, who hasn't been heard from since questions about the article began to come to light, will issue a formal apology. He further said that Rolling Stone will admit to a "systemic failure," indicating "everyone" was at fault. The article will allegedly be completely taken off of the magazine's website, where it has been published with a note from Will Dana, managing editor, since the unraveling of the story began. Stelter claims the Columbia University review will take the story's place.

Two weeks ago, the Charlottesville Police Department announced it would drop further investigation into the case. But the department made clear that even though it did not find evidence to support Jackie's claims in the Rolling Stone article, that "doesn't mean something terrible didn't happen."